The best things in life don't need a commercial, amirite?

for everything else there's Mastercard

Squirrels would look really weird without all that fluff on their tails, amirite?

They would just be rats and no one would love them

You can get a free iPhone from <a href="" target="_blank"><u></u></a>, amirite?
When the hell did people start thinking that nerd glasses look cute, amirite?
Some people are excessively proud to belong to a certain culture, country, race or religion, amirite?
6th grade was probably your worst year style-wise, amirite?
@RaShEllllA Nah 5th grade was worst for me. I only worse baggy jeans and huge t-shirts. I actually shopped in the guys section...

I think I got all my clothes from the boys section, or I got hand me downs from older male cousins.

It's funny how makeup is named to look as un-racist as possible. There is "bare" for super pale people, "deep" for black people, and a bunch of unrelated words like "silk" and "honey" for the shades in between, amirite?

mine is right in the middle which they have cleverly named 'medium'

you have at least three of these: facebook, formspring, twitter, tumblr, blogspot, or deviantart, amirite?
You made up your own "rain dance" as a child, amirite?

I also made my own snow dance.

Calvin and Hobbes actually has some very, intellectual and philisophical debates involved. If you read it, you wonder how little kids can understand half the jokes. amirite?

comics are not just for little kids

Green is the prettiest color for eyes, amirite?

different color eyes look goog on different people

Everyone has that special number that makes them all tingly and happy, amirite?
You shouldn't be allowed to be a fan of a band from a different country. People should support their own country's music industry. Amirite?

i disagree completely

I love how sarcasm works so well over text, facebook, etc. amirite?

Are you being sarcastic?

We all know that Cinna from The Hunger Games designs Lady Gaga's outfits. amirite?

I seriously can not wait for Mockingjay