Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die! Don't have sex in the missionary position, don't have sex standing up, just don't do it, OK, promise? OK, now everybody take some rubbers. amirite?

Mean Girls ftw :)

Hitler was really, really bad, amirite?

took ya long enough to realize that. Jking

I should be able to talk to my iPod—"Play some Muse." "Which song?" "You know which song." amirite?

Muse is awesome

4'11" is the perfect height for a woman, amirite?

ahaha im 4.11" : )

The best of times are also the worst because they're the ones you miss the most once they're through, amirite?

Wow dude that's deep.

super glue works so much better on skin than anything else, amirite?

so very true :p

You have walked into something at least once and tried to play it off like nothing happened, but really everybody around saw it and was laughing, amirite?

Unfortunatly I do it almost everyday : (

When you first watched Icarly, you though Carly was asian, amirite?

Yeah so did I :p

It feel weird when everyone around you LOVES a certain movie or book and you didn't think it was that great, amirite?

thts like me and twilight

Your hand has at least once gone numb during the night and you woke up not knowing who's hand it was and freaked out, amirite?

happens all the time to me :P

For every teenage girl crisis there is a Taylor Swift song, amirite?

I'm sorry I didnt know its was already a post. How can I delete it?

If FedEx and UPS combined, it would be called FedUP, amirite?

Facebook Rip Off

Bailey from the Suite Life on Deck is a fugly slut. amirite?

I think she's a pretty good actor.

Eminen > Lil Wanye, amirite?
Eminem is awesome, amirite?

Yes. Yes he is. : )