Dogs should have sex with cats, amirite?

It'd be a lot easier for the rest of the world.

My dad got me a new car (BMW) for my 16th birthday. I crashed it last weekend. He's punishing me by only getting me a used Toyota to replace it, and he's going to pick the color! He also says it's my fault because I was drunk when I crashed it. He's being TOTALLY unreasonable and this is borderline child abuse, amirite?
Sure, I like symmetry. But I'm not OCD about it. .ti tuoba DCO ton m'I tuB .yrtemmys ekil I ,eruS, amirite?
"Stomata! It looks like a vagina!" is a little funny when you say it, but freakin' hilarious yet creepy if you're biology teacher says it...in an italian accent, amirite?

dammit i put you're D:

Abraham Lincoln's last tweet would have been: "Watching boring ass play, #killmenow" , amirite?

blocked at my school :3

Abraham Lincoln's last tweet would have been: "Watching boring ass play, #killmenow" , amirite?
When it's dead silent in a class, people say bless you to break the silence, amirite?

ahh shit. I worded this wrong. FUUUU

The thesaurus is like the dictionary's cousin, amirite?

The encyclopedia is like the Dad/Uncle.

"So big boobs or little boobs?" "Duh big boobs." "So you'd screw that fat chick over there??" "Ah shit nvm.", amirite?
Can't spell stupid without u, amirite?
So why go anal, when God spent so much time making the vagina? I mean seriously, it has wings and everything. amirite?

Well that's if you want shit and stuff all over it. But yknow, some guys like that sorta thing.

That would get a world record for longest time to finish a board game...and that record would get beat again and so on & so forth.

'Because I got High' is a legitimate excuse for anything, amirite?

Hey I never said it was the best excuse for anything.

Greek gods must've had some seriously tiny penises according to those sculptures and paintings of them, amirite?

Oh, well that makes sense.

It sucks when your boyfriend dumps you because his friend told him to, amirite?