Girls: You love that moment when a guy stretches so far that you can see his abs and boxers. amirite?

Unless your fat. Then it's a not so good sight.

it's awkward when you walk into the bathroom and there's a person in one of the stalls making absolutely no noise, and when you're done in the bathroom they're still there and still silent. It's like... are they dead? amirite?

they're probably taking a shit or something and waiting for you to leave lol

An 8 year old should not be concerned with their weight, especially when they are tiny, amirite?

Unless they're 200 pounds. Then they should be very concerned.

you can tell Anthony is British, there's a link to view your "favourites", amirite?
Acne in awkward places should just be called awkne, amirite?

Well then what would the british call it?

Some guys don't like fatter girls because they can't handle our BIG sexy personalities, amirite?

I assume you're fat...and you know it!

Tomboy chicks: When you shop for Halloween costumes, you have to go in the guy's section because the female costumes are just too girly, amirite?
Guess Who is a sexist game amirite?

Punctuation = FAIL

What kind of food do you have at a Karma Party? Just Desserts, amirite?

I don't get it...

People who choose to be fat deserve no pity. The ones who can't control because of some medical condition deserve it. amirite?

Yet the only way to know is if you ask them or know them enough to know which one they are...

When the temperature gets too high the elderly start to die, amirite?
Nobody would ever admit to watching porn. amirite?
My dad got me a new car (BMW) for my 16th birthday. I crashed it last weekend. He's punishing me by only getting me a used Toyota to replace it, and he's going to pick the color! He also says it's my fault because I was drunk when I crashed it. He's being TOTALLY unreasonable and this is borderline child abuse, amirite?
@I don't care what race you think this problem is. It's a real problem and it's affecting me!

if you're in your teens, you're an ungreatful douchebag. if you're in college or older, you're still an ungreatful douchebag. be happy you even have a freakin' car.

Fellow Asians: Your grandma makes you eat the rice that falls out of your bowl, amirite?
Megan Fox is a very talented actress, amirite?

Nah, she's just really hot.