If you drink with a thin enough straw in the right places, the ocean is 90% fresh water in tiny volumes each the size of 1 water molecule, amirite?

The Hydrogen bonds between the molecules would make it nearly impossible to drink through a straw that thin.

School is good, the school system is bad. amirite?

Truthfully we need to work so many systems globally. Education, Governments, To some extent Medical, and I think law enforcement and the jail systems to a larger degree.

School is good, the school system is bad. amirite?

An undeniable fact at this point but most attempts at fixing this are quickly stamped down

"Genius Criminals" are not such when they are committing such terrible acts. amirite?

if we dont ever get caught we are

A lot of people who are absolutely stoked for next-gen console launch will die before it :( amirite?

This dude seen 2021.

Everything is water soluble if you use enough pressure. amirite?
@Vindicare-jjl Fat isnt

you're correct of course it would technically be an emulsion no matter how fine the fat is distributed.

If a blind person hates you, it's based on who you are as a person. amirite?

So you're claiming a blind person can't possibly have prejudices because they lack vision?

It's not like the human has other senses and one of the most important ones being hearing, right?

A blind person doesn't magically have access to who you are as a person, they hear you, smell you or even see you by touch. All those signals are interpreted based on their experiences and own personality.

Believe it or not, blind people can even be racist.

In an alternate timeline, "Together Forever" by Rick Astley is the rickroll song instead. amirite?
Super happy our teeth are the only thing on our skeleton sticking out it would have been so stressful if you had to brush the whole skeleton before going to bed.. amirite?
@Achilles982 You only gotta brush your teeth because if they decay too much and you loose them they don't come back. Horns or...

But if you didn't brush them and they got cavities that led to a bad infection then that could affect your overall health.

When all cars go electric, the saying "step on the gas" will no longer apply, amirite?

Doubtful...we still "hang up" cell phones

You have probably walked past someone in your life who was living their last day, amirite?

And you have probably walked past someone who will give birth soon, sometime in your life

Every picture of the Milky Way from the front/outside is totally fake. amirite?
There is technically a point where a pepper can get so hot, that it can be considered a bioweapon. amirite?

Pepper spray?

Telephones aren't actually smelly, it's just that your sense of color can't pick up on eastern pillow tires, amirite?
Before dating was a thing, early humans probably had mating rituals like most animals, amirite?
@Rockdude5890 To impress a chick...

Most mating rituals are performed my the male of the species.