Although it's good for sentimental value, movies should start being more realistic at the point where a dad is on his death bed and his son is right next to him. They always say, "Son, I'm so proud of you, and blah blah blah..." Not every dad is that nice, and not every son will have been successful. Just to mix things up, for once they should have a dad put his hand on the son's arm, look him in the eye, and have his last words be, "Son...I probably should've worn a condom", amirite?

"Son, I'm proud of you."
"...I'm your daughter"
"I have a daughter?"

You didn't have a valentine on Valentine's Day? Some people don't have a mother on Mother's Day, or a father on Father's Day, so shut up. Amirite?

I didn't have a groundhog on groundhog day :(

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"Regular" marriage & "Gay" marriage are like bikini tops & bras. Exactly the same thing, yet only one is allowed in public. amirite?
@KirstenAnn You can wear a bra in public, just not where people can see.

I get it now. You can have a gay marriage in public as long as you keep it under your shirt.

lolwut smilie

"Regular" marriage & "Gay" marriage are like bikini tops & bras. Exactly the same thing, yet only one is allowed in public. amirite?
@J_A_C_K good for you...it's fun to think isn't it?

Yeah it is. I like not having a God to do all my thinking for me.

Losing your virginity at a younger age (teens, such as 14/15/16) doesn't make you any less of a person than someone who saves it for "the one" or for marriage. It doesn't make you immoral, dirty, or a "slut", either. As long as it was safe, and consensual, there is nothing wrong with it. amirite?
Sometimes, after a long session of amazing sex, you wish you were actually there having it instead of watching from your computer. amirite?
With the way dupstep music is trending, it won't be long until every 14-year-old girl's facebook status is something like, "THRUGGGH BOOP-BOOP-BEEP-BOOP-BOOP-BEEP. WUB WUB WUB WUB WEEEHHHI HU HU HU HU boooboobooboobBEEEEEP!", amirite?

Then the comments are like, "What's going on Jen??" "It's just song lyrics guyzzzz. It totes describes the way I feel right now..."

It would be awesome if everyone still used the same insults they used in kidnergarten instead of curse words. amirite?
@JordanCharlie Except I feel like we can't really call STDs cooties or bitches meany heads... ;P

Yes but we could call them meanie-head-spaghetti-pants and I bet they'd cry.

Can we name the next hurricane Shaniqua or something? I feel like if we give hurricanes ghetto names people will be more inclined to get out of their way. Hurricane Irene sounds friendly. Hurricane Dijonae sounds like it would rip your weave out if you look at it the wrong way, amirite?

I feel it would cause confusion... Like if you lived in a white neighbourhood, you'd be like:
"Have you heard, Lashonda's coming"
"No the hurricane is named Lashonda"
"Oh, thank god, you had me worried there..."

Once you hate someone, everything they do is offensive. "Look at this bitch, eating those fucking crackers like she owns the place!", amirite?

Look at this idiot...breathing...I need some oxygen too ASS LICKER!

Every time you smell a flower your actually smelling plant testicles, amirite?
@Dameequa Holding back the urge to correct the spelling

(this is the point where you let out an unearthly roar to let the world know of unshakeable and inpeccable willpower)

Being the smartest person in the Kardashian family is like being the valedictorian of an Alabama high school, amirite?
@ fast forward to 1:31

Don't tell me what to do.

Morality is doing what is right regardless of what you are told. Religion is doing what you are told regardless of what is right. amirite?
@heysoulsister I hate when people make ignorant statements like this. Unless you are omnipotent and know everything about...

Agreed. Just as you cannot say without doubt that God does exist. Yet people on both sides are so convinced that they, and only they, have been given special access to the ultimate truth.

Atheists: if god isn't real, then how come grass stands straight up even though there's GRAVITY!? Christians: 1 Atheists: 0, amirite?