Life would be pretty hard if your left hand was a potato, amirite?

Can't argue with that logic.

Scientists must be under a lot of pressure to find an alternative to oil seeing as it's basically going to not be on earth in 50 years, amirite?

HAHA, PRESSURE!!! Get it? Like oil's made with pressu-- you know what, never mind... wary smilie

It's amazing that Ted from How I Met Your Mother can remember all of the little details considering how much he drinks, amirite?

And all the sandwiches he ate.

It's extreme awkward when you're staying in a hotel and you can hear the people next to you having sex, amirite?
Iron Man is the best Avenger, amirite?

No. Anyone can put on a suit and fight. He relies on technology. I like Thor because he has powers.

And he's sexy.

I did this to SO many people. If they answered, I'd keep going and say, "I don't get it." or "That wasn't very funny." IT WAS HILARIOUS!!! hehe smilie

6 probably only spread the 7-8-9 rumor to cover up the things 6 and 9 do together, amirite?

Ohhh... um.. sorry? haha

Everyone knows a Jessica that they hate. amirite?

Jessica: The ass who is overweight and takes other people's food without even asking and doesn't wash her hands after she uses the bathroom.

I hope she reads this.

if you could eat god he would taste like nutella, amirite?

You forgot to capitalize two things: God and Nutella.

It seems as though the rate at which time passes us by increases as we grow older. The hourglass containing the sands of time widens in the center with each year of age, amirite?
@Jonesy Year 1- 100% of your life Year 2- 50% Year 3- 33.33% Etc etc

I read this somewhere, like how when you turn 15, that year is only 1/15th of your life, which makes it seem smaller.

All amiriters who play Minecraft should play on Amiriteland, amirite?
Guys: It's nice when urinals have something on the wall for you to read while you pee, amirite?
@Simon Long story. Don't worry about it.

When someone says "Don't worry about it.", I WANT TO WORRY ABOUT IT.

I would trip, fall, get stabbed and die within the first 30 seconds.

But I'm still not working out.

Colorado used to be peaceful. But then, everything changed when the fire nation attacked. amirite ? amirite?
Hunger Game Readers: Admit it, you never really pictured Cinna as Black, amirite?

WAIT-- is he supposed to be???