It doesn't make sense that a majority of stores are open 9-5 when most people work 9-5, amirite?
If it weren't for sexual attraction, you'd probably view naked people of the sex you're attracted to with the same disgust as you do of the sex you're not attracted to, amirite?

All naked bodies must be hugged

Darts are a game where you practice yet another skill that guns made obsolete. amirite?

Never bring a knife to a gunfight. Darts on the other hand...

Humans have a lot of trouble just sounding like other humans, but some birds can do so effortlessly. amirite?

What if we all sound the same to birds and yet they can make distinctions among the individual voices of other birds?

Nursing homes are where we place inconvenient people. amirite?

Wanna try that again chief?

A 15 minute timeout as a kid feels like an eternity. A 15 minute break at work feels like nothing. amirite?

Ummm... you only got 15min timeouts?

It's probably allot more environmentally friendly to ride an E-motorcycle everywhere than to cycle when you consider the food you have to source to provide the calories, amirite?

It takes less energy to power your body than it does to power an e-bike.

11 years later, the same people are still getting Rickrolled by the same video that originally rickrolled them. amirite?

Even Rick himself got Rick rolled on this very platform

Chances are if you think you're stupid you are actually smart because stupid people won't have the intellectual power to realise they're stupid. amirite?

Op is either a Smart Feller .or a Fart Smeller..

As a someone who is not an english native speaker, it's really wild that english spelling is so badly irregular you can make a competition out of it. amirite?

Fun fact: English descriptions of speech impediments make the impediment clear by someone who has said impediment because English is a cruel mistress

Lisp, soft palette, stutter etc

Many people are still on earth because your not allowed to shoot them, amirite?

Hold my beer.

Erotic word for vagina is pussy, penis is cock, but ass doesn't have one. amirite?
@Nickyikky But isn't booty a word for children to use to say ass? Like for example how in Teen Titans Go they just have a...

Yeah but everything about teen titans go makes me want to die and should be kept far away from children so

since numbers are arbitrary in another world 9+10 could equal 21, amirite?

The concept is always the same.

When you put milk in your coffee, you're nerfing the coffee. But if you put coffee in the milk, you're buffing the milk, despite it being the same drink. amirite?