Guys: The wooly mammoth wakes up in the morning. amirite?
Guys: When you jack off into a fruit, you microwave it first, amirite?

I think it gives you cancer

You have been walking at school and have seen someone and thought, "How do THEY have a girlfriend, and yet Im still single?!?". amirite?

i was thinking more along the lines of "what am i doing wrong?"

A mafia game hosted by Sergio and Watsatroll is going to be an interesting game 10, amirite?

how does one play?

"Shit" is such a satisfying word to say when you are angry. amirite?
Cameltoes are super uncomfortable. Just sayin. amirite?

That was part of the joke.

Since they have coats with built in heaters to keep you warm in the winter, they should make coats with built in air conditioning units to keep you cool in the summer. Amirite?

Yeah just dont wear a coat during summer.

No matter what, you always use the paper toilet covers in public restrooms, and if there aren't any, you make your own with toilet paper, amirite?

Even when you dump a load?

Cursing is the language of the ignorant, amirite?

Plus they are just satisfying to say! Like when you hurt yourself, "shit!" is great to say because your teeth are already gritted

Anti-Islamic websites are unjustified 9/11 times, amirite?
"Skrillex" is not music, amirite?
You enjoy sexual gratification, amirite?

Who doesnt? :D

Tetris is the best game of all time, it even beats newer stuff like Grand Theft Auto and Halo, amirite?

Yeah nothin better than killing little kids pets and taking their money.

If you make an igloo out of black ice, it's called a nigloo, amirite?

If you made a fruit flavored igloo, you should call it a figloo.

Sometimes you're horny at the most random times, amirite?

for a little while there it had a score of 69! : 3