About me.

Why hello there! :D I'm Karlie! whoop whoop! WELL....I'm me...and I'm 17, I looove to play tennis, I absolutley ADORE the color pink, vintage clothes, pearls, and cute little dogs...kidding 'bout that last one haha. I do consider my self quite the ballerina (: I do have a job, I model part time, I just do runway and a little bit of advertisements, look for me during fashion week! :D I'm kinda new to amirite, so don't judge ;D Also don't judge my excessive use of commas, they're my favourite punctuation mark! Well actually I lied, exclamation points are my favourite, they're just so EXCLAIM-Y!! ;D
hmmm....well if you actually read all my boring rambling you deserve some cake. Chocolate cake. With rainbow sprinkles.