About me.

Hey there!

It's true, I'm a professional troll.

Name: Patrick, but you can call me The Doctor

Age: 15, a Freshman

Location: Tinley Park, Illinois


  • Liberal, but I would NEVER make a choice/vote just because the subject at hand is related to one specific party. Almost nonpartisan, but some of my views are more liberal.
  • Pro- Choice
  • Pro- Gay Rights
  • Atheist (Sagantology)


  • Xbox/computer gaming
    > Half-Life series (Valve is pretty cool)
    > Fallout
    > GTA (so is Rockstar)
    > Red Dead Redemption (more Rockstar :D)
    > Minecraft
    > Battlefield series
    > NBA 2K series
    > Bioshock
    > Zelda
    > Pokémon
    > Metroid
    > TF2
    > Portal series
    > L4D series

  • Instruments
    > Piano
    > Clarinet
    > Guitar

  • Music: I listen to anything. Except country. Rock and dubstep are my favorites touugh

  • Sports
    > Swimming
    > Track
    > Cross Country
    > Water Polo

The always helpful list of emoticons.

wary smilie hello smilie y smilie n smilie ono smilie no smilie (cry2) d smilie h smilie l smilie lolwut smilie yum smilie hehe smilie smile smilie goo smilie frown smilie angry smilie puke smilie hmm smilie smirk smilie un smilie love smilie
^Me finally accomplishing something (POTD)^^

I would put every book, show, movie, and song I like, but that would take forever and just waste everyone's time.

Want to know more? There's a lot more to know... Talk to me or something. Or not...

From, the Chicago suburbs