It should be illegal to cheat on your spouse, amirite?
@fuzala which places are we discussing then? there are legal actions for breaking contracts so it can easily be made that...

Obviously we're talking about somewhere where cheating isn't illegal because that's the frame of reference that the poster laid out.

Contracts don't give people rights and contracts don't make things illegal. Don't get me wrong, if you want to lay out a prenup you can put almost anything on there, adultery included, but that doesn't make it illegal. Illegal would be if the government put in place laws that made it illegal.

It should be illegal to cheat on your spouse, amirite?
It should be illegal to cheat on your spouse, amirite?
@fuzala yeah it is it's in the marriage contract that you won't cheat when you do you infringe on the other spouse's...

Let me put this in context of the post.

You're saying that it's already illegal to cheat on your spouse.

Okay so why is nobody punished for it? You won't find any police officers who will arrest someone for breaking the sanctity of marriage. You won't find a judge who will charge someone for cheating.

Therefore my only conclusion is that a marriage contract must be a moral/social contract and not a legal one.

Either the post is agreeing with something that already happens or the poster is talking about making cheating a legal wrongdoing and not a moral one.

Contracts do not equal rights by the way.

It should be illegal to cheat on your spouse, amirite?
@fuzala no it infringes on the rights of the spouse

It doesn't. You have no positive rights to a happy marriage. Nobody owes you a happy marriage.

That being said, adultery can be used as a grounds for separation, but nothing more.

Humans are such masochists for having the desire to be immortal, amirite?

How does the desire to be immortal mean that they have a sexual gratification from physical abuse....?

How do homeless people end up homeless?

I feel like you're trying to get us to help you write a paper...

Only in America can you get acquitted for murder and get 20 years for shooting a wall, amirite

Maybe you'd like to link to these two stories before having us judge it based on this limited information?

If government schools worked, then ALL politicians (including our President) would send THEIR children to them. Amirite?

But if both worked then some would send their kids to private and some would send their kids to public, which is the case isn't it?

Forget legalizing gay marriage – get the damn government out of our lives so it has no influence over who we can marry is more like it. The fact that we even have to debate who can marry who is despicable and speaks volumes to how much control the government already wields over us. Amirite?

Well I can see why they have to moderate it, marriage status brings tax benefits and all sorts of changes. I agree that gay marriage should be legal but taking out government regulations entirely is silly.

Science is compatible with Religion
@AtheisticMystic I thought of something else to add to this. If science and religion are compatible, why are 93% of scientists atheists?

You could just as easily flip it the other way and ask that if science and religion are incompatible then why are ANY scientists religious.

You've never won a competition from a product you've purchased, amirite?

Does Tim Horton's roll up the rim count? I won a coffee.

There should be a feature that notifies you of your comments being deleted, amirite?

Also when a post is deleted it should still let you see the comments you've made on it. It used to let you do that already, I miss some of my good comments that were on deleted posts.

If every opinion matters then we should have a system wherein if users do not agree that a post should be deleted, it shouldn't be deleted. Furthermore we should have more power homepage posts, this power shouldn't be left in the hands of the moderators alone, amirite?
@Len I suggested this to them a while ago, not in these words, but the same concept. They've not implemented it so this...

It's a good idea but people barely vote to homepage posts currently. To be effective the bar would have to be so low that one or two homepage or delete votes would make the post get deleted or homepaged and if it's that low then really it would still be a single person's decision.

when you make a post, and it gets deleted because "a similar post has been made before" that is preposterous. How is somebody supposed to know whether a post has been made one day or three years ago, amirite?
@Len I sent an e-mail with some suggestions a while ago. Here's one of them: " 2. Deleting posts. This is a necessary...

Mods ARE suppose to link the similar post when they delete the old one, not sure who isn't following through with that no smilie

amirite, why am i not allowed to voice my opinion through your website? every post i make is causing a disturbance, and i do not see how. this website was made as a fun way to voice an opinion, as the slogan, "every opinion matters" is not being fulfilled through your actions of deleting posts that are satisfactory. this moderator this be replaced, amirite?

As far as I can see your last few posts that have been deleted have been repeats, a rule which has been clearly laid out many times.