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"If you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best." -Adolf Hitler

Everything that happens is caused by something else that happened before it, so you could trace back one event to the very beginning if time if you had the information necessary. Also, by this logic, everything a human being does is the result of other events that are out of our control whether they are events outside of ourselves or results of our biology, therefore we are not making decisions on our own , but because of events we have no control over. Ergo, we have no free will. Amirite?

Someone was inspired by the "humans have free will" post eh.

don't judge someone because they sin differently than you, amirite?
@AntiJokeChicken They don't need to know if every post is a repeat or not, just a quick site search would do.

Am I the only one who remembers when the person who posted the repeat was the one who was ridiculed?

You don't understand why it's "wrong" to be gay, amirite?

That's because it's not wrong to be gay.

You kind of want to learn another language, amirite?

I took french for 12 years, still don't feel fluent.

You admit to being below average in at least one category of life, amirite?

I'd say I'm below average in almost everything in my life. Other people have had lifetimes to perfect things that I've only just discovered.

It's sick when rapists are found not guilty. It's as if the victims are raped all over again, but this time, by the justice system, amirite?

The same laws and regulations that allow a rapist to be proven not guilty are the same laws and regulations that give the rest of us our fundamental liberties. I would not want these rules that help protect the innocent taken away simply because a few guilty slip through the net.

Bad decisions soon become good memories. Amirite?

Well I lost all my money betting on a racehorse with three broken legs but at least this will somehow be a good memory for me in the future.

If you only like Naruto, DBZ, Death Note, One Piece, Bleach, you're a weeaboo. If you like Durarara!!, Angel Beats, Kami nomizo shiru sekai, Hyouka, CLANNAD, Ano hana, etc. you can have the chance of becoming an otaku. amirite?

I read Death Note and enjoyed it but I have no idea what the heck a weeaboo is...

A meteorite just hit the Earth. An asteroid came a little too close to the atmosphere. "Must be a coincidence," news man says. This, and all of the hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, snow, floods, and earthquakes are clear examples that God is angry with us, amirite?

The dinosaurs must have royally pissed off god then. lolwut smilie

Poor companion cube sad smilie

Its ridiculous that women are going to be allowed into combat based off of lower physical standards than men. That's not real equality, amirite?

It's substantive equality.

There's a difference between knowledge & Wisdom. Knowledge is knowing a tomato is fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put the tomato in a fruit salad, amirite
It's possible for people to negatively discriminate against themselves, amirite?
@fuzala I had this post from months ago it went something like "It's possible to be racist against your own race...

They both seem very similar to me. Both of them are saying that it's possible to be racist against your own race.

The whole 'censor toggle' update was pretty pointless if certain words are still being filtered, amirite?

The censor toggle was so that you would still be able to see the censored words and they wouldn't show up as stars. The word filter is just to let mods find posts or comments that might be inappropriate faster.

They are two different things.