You have never smoked a cigarette. amirite?

Never have never will

You find it weird that the first lady was on iCarly, amirite?

It was very cheesy and corny but I don't care I'm a kid I like iCarly

Suicide is not the answer, because mixing coke and sprite is disgusting, amirite?

Mixing coke and sprite is delicious!

It would be cool if you could find a room that had everything you ever lost, amirite?

Ya like half of my nintendo games!

It's so annoying when people clap after a movie at the cinema. It's not like the cast can hear you, amirite?

Well it depends if the movie was awesome or it was stupid

It's really weird to walk around your school at night or when no one else is there, amirite?

I agree but sometimes I love it with friends so that we can act all crazy and run in the hall with no bitchy teachers

Everyone knows the first child is taken for granted, the second child is ignored, and the third child is babied beyond belief. amirite?

Ahem, I'm am the third child and I have one thing to say....FML

Every bedroom needs two light switches: when you walk in, and by your bed (so you dont have to walk to the door to turn the light off at night). Amirite?

I have no door and have my own room but its like a loft and you walk up the stairs and your in my room (kinda) and there are like 4 switches X( but there is one next to my bed :3

If you were rich you'd buy tons of king sized candy on Halloween and give everyone a few handfuls, amirite?

Then I would eat the extras >:D

Teen mom and Jersey Shore...WORST FRIGGIN SHOW EVER! AMIRITE?! amirite?

No I like that show but I hate the filthy rich brats!

Hot Pockets are America's best food. amirite?

Hot Pockets taste like SHIT!

Girls: You check out other girls butts. amirite?

I read it online and girls go through that stage sometimes where they think girls are cute but they are straight

You don't believe in the story of noah's ark, amirite?
@GiggityGoo22 I don't think anyone does...It's just a story.

Your dead wrong! Lots of people are Christian and believe in that story!

You don't believe in the story of noah's ark, amirite?
You wore diapers till your were 5 but you wore pull-ups till you were 8.Amirite?

I stopped diapers at like 3 or 4 but I had pull-ups till I was 8 cause my bladder was tiny then XD