You feel really proud when you can see and understand the hidden message in abstract art, amirite?

I had to zoom in but I see what you hid there.

They should make a reverse Hooters restaurant that only staffs hot shirtless guys and serves stereotypical female foods like salad, vegetarian food, yogurt, and chocolate desserts. They could call it Bollocks. amirite?
You think porn should be banned, amirite?

One does not simply ban pornography.

Don't forget.. "ohh &'d i'm bi and like i loveee weed, lol 90's kid" <---born in 1999.

It's cute when guys are tired, amirite?

I think it's cute when my cat gets tired. Anyone else? Just me. Okay ._.

Playing a regular song on the piano makes the song sound bittersweet, amirite?

'cause she's bittersweet. She knocks me off of my feet..

The first guy who dropped a mentos in soda probably had a mini-heart attack for 5 seconds. amirite?

Rubs forehead twice?

At some point you've thought "(amirite user) totally hates my guts," amirite?
Losing weight wouldn't be THAT hard! instead of working out all day and eating healthy food, why don't people just stop drinking as much water. like maybe drink no more then a cup a day cause then you will lose a ton of weight fast since water is heavy, amirite?

I just..I have to. ARE YOU STUPID? ono smilie ono smilie

EZ bake ovens just seem like a bad idea. You're basically giving a child a high wattage light bulb in a plastic box to try and cook with. amirite?

I use to make the mixture but then my dad would take it and bake it himself in the oven. I don't care though, I still told everyone I was the one who made it. cool smilie

Not all of us are witty and chill all the time. We have all accidentally mistaken sarcasm for seriousness before. We have all tried to act cool before. We have all done stupid things before. Just because we are introverted and spend time online doesn't mean we are more intelligent or smarter or deeper than the "general public". It doesn't mean our humor or taste in music is automatically more advanced. It's time we got off our high horses, amirite?

This made me think of "tumblr people"

The economy in terms of birthday parties- Back in the year 2000: clowns, magicians, bounce houses. Currently: birthday party thrown by your mom in the public park with that one swing, amirite?
@Predy never had a birthday party forever the least favorite child oh and tomorrow is my birthday and I'm stuck babysitting.

Whaaaattt, no way? Well then I'll make sure to spam you with multiple messages wishing you a hapy birthday tomorrow. bro fist

The person who named the "Walkie talkie" could not think of a more ridiculous name. I mean imagine calling a toilet "sitty shittys" or refrigerators "foody cooly," amirite?
@AntiJokeChicken It doesn't even come close to rhyming.

You completely missed the joke if you think it's about rhyming..
Walkie talkie : walking and talking.
Sitty shitty: sitting and shitting.
Foody cooly: it cools your mothertrucking food.

You either have gone to college/university, are currently enrolled in college, or plan on going. amirite?

This is only a tad relevant but.. on Friday I finally made my choice for the university I plan on attending. BEST.FREAKING.FEELING.