They should make a reverse Hooters restaurant that only staffs hot shirtless guys and serves stereotypical female foods like salad, vegetarian food, yogurt, and chocolate desserts. They could call it Bollocks. amirite?
There's no such thong as a suicide "attempt". If you really want to die, it's not that hard. If you fail at it, especially more than once, it was on purpose, amirite?
@MissouriGal Um...yeah, no. Sorry, but I've really tried to kill myself with severe overdoses of medication when I was 12. My...

Agreed. Also, overdosing isn't exactly the easiest thing. Most people end up either vomiting or digesting the medication within minutes; the body is an amazing thing.

It's ok to flirt with people to make yourself feel better when you and your partner are fighting, as long as you don't physically do something, it's ok to lead them on, amirite?

Or.. you could talk things out with your partner. :/

People who use "words" like yesh, shiz, and rawr in their regular vocabulary are annoying, amirite?
@AUsernameOf18Letters Aww :/ I say shiz to avoid saying a cuss word.

but "shiz" sounds so much worse. sounds like a combo of jizz and shit.

Life is completely pointless. And that is very good actually. The fact that life is pointless, gives you the chance to create your own personal meaning of your own individual life. There is no benchmark that decides if a life is pointless or not, amirite?

But by you getting the "chance to create your own personal meaning of your own individual life" isn't that already giving life a point? hmm smilie

People who use "words" like yesh, shiz, and rawr in their regular vocabulary are annoying, amirite?
Even if you're not racist, you're more likely to date people that are the same race as you, amirite?

I don't care about race if a guy shows interest in me I'll take it! The chances of me being forever alone since my cat left is too damn high.

If someone says "I'm so random and crazy! I do all kinds of wild stuff!" on their profile it means "I'm actually pretty boring but I want attention", amirite?

Don't forget.. "ohh &'d i'm bi and like i loveee weed, lol 90's kid" <---born in 1999.

You've seen your best friend naked or in their underwear at least once, amirite?
Sometimes, you see someone really really attractive on here and you'd like to tell them something along the lines of "you are so good looking and if you lived close I would bang you" but it'd be creepy so you don't, amirite?

"Lets take all the good looking people and move them closer to me."

You feel really proud when you can see and understand the hidden message in abstract art, amirite?

I had to zoom in but I see what you hid there.

Losing weight wouldn't be THAT hard! instead of working out all day and eating healthy food, why don't people just stop drinking as much water. like maybe drink no more then a cup a day cause then you will lose a ton of weight fast since water is heavy, amirite?

I just..I have to. ARE YOU STUPID? ono smilie ono smilie

It's cute when guys are tired, amirite?

I think it's cute when my cat gets tired. Anyone else? Just me. Okay ._.

Taking candy from an American baby is, like, really hard. amirite?

Is the "is, like," part suppose to be insulting because I am offensive and I find this American.