You shampoo your hair before you soap your body, amirite?

and then i let the shampoo on while i soap ;o

"Who says I can't get stoned?" Um, that would be the law John Mayer. The law, amirite?

There's a law called John Mayer?

It's annoying how parents always point out the negitive things you do, but never congratulate you on the positive. amirite?
It is murder to not tell your SO you have aids, amirite?
You hate it when your call gets dropped and your still there talking to nobody. amirite?
saying you would kill yourself if he left you is forcing him to be with you if he thinks your serious, because nobody wants to be the person who is responsible for that! Amirite?

my serious?

Sometimes it is fun to mess with your eye's focusing. It's cool how you can make somethings blurry and others sharp by just looking at it differently. amirite?

like a camera!

Gandalf was kind of a dick. He's a fucking wizard, why couldn't he just take the ring to Mordor? Instead he leaves the fate of the world to a defenseless midget. Dick move, amirite?
It would be cool if you could queue up songs on your iPod, amirite?
I think stand up comedy would get tiring, how about we invent sit down comedy. amirite?

~thanks, i had no idea what sitcom was~

I think stand up comedy would get tiring, how about we invent sit down comedy. amirite?

sitcom? :B

When you're ill off school, your desk becomes cluttered with tissues, painkillers, Diet Coke cans and the sandwiches that your mum left on the side before leaving for work, that you half-assedly picked at and nibbled while lurking on 4chan and flipping off the people who are texting you and calling you a skiver, amirite?

broke rules 1 & 2.

McDonald's fries > BurgerKing's fries , amirite?

taco bell fries

9-11-01 (U.S.A incident) + 3-10-11 (Japan Incident) gives you 12-21-12, amirite?
Your life is not defined by its length but rather it’s width and depth, am I right?

This sounds very sexual.