It would be cool if you could queue up songs on your iPod, amirite?
I hate how mainstream and famous the miners have become. They were better when they were a bit more underground. amirite?
You wish you had never seen 'Two girls one cup', amirite?

It builds character.

Hey! Wanna make $$$$ fast? Just follow these simple instructions! 1:Hold down the Shift key 2:Press the number 4 four times. It's that easy! amirite?

I bet you're in pain from posting this anonymously.

How can people think God is against abortion when he had his own son terminated at 33? amirite?
9-11-01 (U.S.A incident) + 3-10-11 (Japan Incident) gives you 12-21-12, amirite?

This is the corrected version, the anon post was also me, but didn't have time to correct it

Died hair, 25$. Lip piercing, $30. Shirt with ridiculous cleavage, 16$. Shorts that barely cover underwear, 20$. Depleting an entire generation of what's left of it's dignity? Priceless. amirite?

Learning the proper spelling of the word dyed? priceless

why is it so weird for girls to masturbate, amirite?
@Because it's kinda awkward...

It is because girls don't really get turned on by the thought of a guy masturbating whereas a guy gets hard thinking of a girl doing it

Girl logic: all insects = axe murderer. amirite?

says the guy who jumps on turtles.

Dyslexic people should have palindromic names, like Hannah, Bob, or Otto, amirite?

~They can totally tell someone is dyslexic the moment they are born.

Your life is not defined by its length but rather it’s width and depth, am I right?

This sounds very sexual.

Gandalf was kind of a dick. He's a fucking wizard, why couldn't he just take the ring to Mordor? Instead he leaves the fate of the world to a defenseless midget. Dick move, amirite?
Male. Female. Female has Fe. Fe is the chemical symbol for iron. Iron is metal. Robots are metal. Women must be robots. amirite?

Female has Fe. Fe is the chemical symbol for iron. Knifes have iron. You cut bread with knifes. You make sandwiches from bread. Females make sandwiches.

9-11-01 (U.S.A incident) + 3-10-11 (Japan Incident) gives you 12-21-12, amirite?
what animal is piglet from winnie the pooh? amirite?

It's obviously an owl.