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What's a long closed store that you really miss?

CD Plus, and A&B Sound.

If you moved to a foreign country to'd learn the language. This idea must be lost on Asian order-takers.

Some people are making an effort to learn the language and to assimilate into the local culture. It's not easy to learn a new language as an adult, or to get used to living in what feels like an entirely different world.

However, there are some people who refuse to assimilate. If I moved to a foreign country, it would be because I wanted to be a part of that country's culture. I wouldn't demand that they accommodate my refusal to learn their language, culture, and traditions, and I wouldn't treat the locals like crap for not being the same race as me, and then scream racism when one of the locals objects to my disrespectful behaviour.

When will conservatives realize gun control does not mean banning them? It means having common sense about them.

I don't understand how people could object to preventing mentally ill people, or people with a violent history from obtaining guns, and requiring proper gun safety.
It wouldn't have prevented what happened in Las Vegas, and some people are still going to get them illegally, but it would still help to reduce a number of shootings.
Most gun owners are responsible, but there's a lot of dipshits out there who need a background check or even just some proper education before going out and buying one.
It's like letting anyone and everyone drive a forklift before any kind of training. Instead of properly trained, responsible forklift drivers, you'd get a lot of dipshits trying to pop a wheelie in it and ending up killing themselves and/or others, and other people trying to use the forklift for much more heinous purposes.

Have you ever been approached by someone who knew you but you couldn't remember them for the life of you?

It happened once, it was embarrassing and I felt terrible when I remembered who it was afterwards.

Epic Rant: Brandon Tatum "CNN Said Kanye West Is A Negro Who Don't Read?"

The people who cry racism tend to be the biggest closeted racists. It's just like how so many homophobic politicians and religious leaders have been caught with other guys.

I've seen this sort of thing from the left; they'll screech and accuse everyone and everything of being racist.... but then when a black person disagrees with their politics, all the slurs come flying out.

How can we spell Immigration in a way that shows we really have done our research on the subject? You can't take anything they say seriously when they can't even be bothered to 'fact check' their own graphics.

What we REALLY need is a news source that is completely unbiased, or as close to neutral as you can possibly get. They can report just the facts, without spinning certain stories to fit a narrative, omitting key evidence, hiding certain stories, etc....

Ironically, they hate the country that grants them the freedom to do this.

Whoever said it, it's true. Just look at what's in the media, compared to what's actually going on.

Do you trust Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is accurate in general. Anyone can write or change an article, but there's also a lot of hardcore Wikipedia editors who throw a hissy fit whenever a post isn't totally accurate.
Some people like to say Wikipedia is all fake, and anyone can write articles when something they say has been disproven with a Wikipedia article.

Now that Cannabis is Legal here...the ignorant population is getting SO concerned! the abuse of alcohol continues to kill people every day and destroy lives on a regular basis.

It is safer than alcohol, but for decades people have been fed anti-pot propaganda, so it's gonna take a long time to shake off the stigma.

HAHAHA the picture, my cousin used to do that!

The word "misogyny" has been so overused that it has lost all meaning. They've overused the word "sexist" so much that they had to move on to a much stronger word.
I've been called a misogynist on a gay forum for being gay, and saying I don't find female genitals appealing. My comment was also used as "an example of misogyny in the gay male community." Apparently, not finding someone sexually attractive means you hate them.
How about the unashamedly rampant misandry in the lesbian or trans community? As a gay man, I feel more acceptance from the average straight person than I ever have from an alarming number of lesbian and trans people...

If you want people to take legitimate misogyny seriously, stop using it to describe gay men for being gay, or people who disagree with the opinion of a person who just happens to be a woman, while at the same time looking the other way when a particular religion carries out extremist, legitimately misogynist practices such as stoning women for being raped, and treating them like property.

I support equality. Actual equality, for everyone. People have even objected to my use of the word "actual equality", so I'm a little gun shy about even writing that.

the same thing could be said about what the other side is doing, just replace "communism" with "being a nazi" and "unamerican" with "american".

It works both ways. Both sides have become way too extremist in recent years, and they're far more similar than they think. I mean, just take a look at ANTIFA and the people who defend them.

My country leads the World....

Maple syrup and asteroid impacts! (Good thing I'm from one of the largest countries in the world, I can't read most of them.)