Do you use your left nostril more than your right? It influences how you feel...

Right now, both nostrils are doing the same thing, but I read somewhere that our nostrils alternate between left and right every 15 minutes or so, and I do find this to be the case sometimes.

This can also act as an analogy for a variety of things: looking at both sides equally with an open mind helps you form a more educated, balanced opinion, and helps you understand other people's points of view.

People still buy Playboy magazines?

I'm confused. is Trump evil for calming down North Korea and preventing a nuclear war?!

Remember, just a few months ago, North Korea wanted to fire off missiles at surrounding countries, and the USA. Would you rather have that?

Same with people who start to carry on conversations with you while you're wearing headphones and listening to music. I curse them. May every cheeseburger they eat have a hard thing in it.

A relationship can only work if the man and the woman in that relationship divide the tasks. The relationship shouldn't purely consist of the typical gender roles. A man could help a bit in the household as well and a woman could bring out the garbage from time to time too. Equal efforts are important in a relationship. Relationships where the man is an alphamale with toxic masculine behavior and misogynistic views, cannot work. Women and men are equal therefore must put equal efforts into the relationship to make it a successful one.
@ThisLadyIsDangerous We don't tolerate that type of men where I live, fortunately. We make those toxic masculine alphamales' life a...

"Fortunately, we make their life a living hell", Says the person who's favourite quote is "Treat another person like you would want to be treated yourself."

Personally, I don't think people's lives should be made a living hell just for being born a certain way, but that's just me.

Which would look sillier on you: A cowboy hat or a Rasta hat?

I actually own a cowboy hat, and it looks good on me... but the rasta hat is really nothing more than an oversized, multicoloured toque. Since it's cold outside, you'll be seeing a lot of similar hats around!

So basically, we'll be paying to have the government nudge us out of the workforce?

It's nice to imagine Trudeau and his crazy ideas will be voted out in 2019, but since Ontario and Quebec decides for the rest of Canada who the PM will be, this cunt will be our PM until Canadians are banned from political positions (that's not far-fetched, the NDP already has such a policy)

If someone spilled coffee or red wine on your expensive outfit...what would you do?

I was outside having a smoke at a small town dive bar when the new bartender came outside for a smoke as well. We got to chatting and i figured he was cool. Then he flicked his cigarette and the cherry came off and landed on my jacket near my neck. He came over and brushed it off and apologized... I'm gay, and the way he did it made my gaydar go off, but I didn't say anything other than "Ah that's OK, it happens, etc.".... I had a thing for that bartender and we were on friendly terms with each other whenever I'd go there. He even remembered what drink I would order and have it ready when I would enter the bar.
Long story short, when someone spills something on you accidentally, it was an accident and it might even bring you closer together.

I have a friend who could just talk your ear off all day long, but I don't find him annoying at all, he's a good guy.
Some people though, you just want to "clip their string" haha... but I don't really know anyone who's annoyingly talkative.

I'm from Canada and we never had the day off because of winter weather. Sometimes the school buses were cancelled because diesel engines don't start very well when it's extremely cold, but school was still on.

This guys been consuming Big Macs everyday(On May 17, 2011, Gorske ate his 25,000th Big Mac at his favorite McDonald's restaurant in Fond du Lac. Don Gorske - Wikipedia)

I didn't know John Lennon liked McDonald's! i thought his favourite food was egg and chips.

The ones who are smart enough to think for themselves.

It really does say something about modern society that an astrological event has been made into a racial issue.

Do you decorate your yard, house for Halloween? People in my neighborhood have blow up yard figures, orange lights on their houses...etc. Yikes.

When I was a kid I loved this stuff, but now I just don't care. Also, those giant inflatable decorations look like vandalism magnets to me. lol

Do you compliment strangers liberally? It just might be easier for a woman to that right?

Complimenting strangers usually makes people think you're a creep or a rapist or something. Women can compliment strangers, but guys get labelled as creeps.