I personally believe that gender reassignment surgeries and hormone replacement therapy should be included in the health care treatments of every health insurer. Being transgender is not a mental ilness. Transition related procedures should be seen as life-saving and necessary.

While I support the right for any consenting adult to live how they want to live, and I support equal rights for everyone, I don't see gender re-assignment surgery as "life-saving and necessary."
I also don't believe parents should be allowed to have their children, especially toddlers operated on, and/or put on puberty blockers. It should be a decision made by the person themselves, once they reach 18. Once they're at the age of consent, and once it becomes their choice and not the choice of the parents, they can live any way they choose to live, and I will support them.

One Friday I just happened to buy condoms, and the cashier said "Have a good weekend", I said "Oh I will!"
I said that because I was going camping with some friends over the weekend, not because I had "activities" planned due to buying the condoms. I realized what it sounded like after I left the store, and I kind of chuckled to myself.

Service dogs are absolutely essential for some people, and this woman was being very selfish and insensitive.
In fact, I'd rather have people bring regular pets into restaurants rather than crying screaming babies and children.

Do you think the young people of today will regret some of their ghastly tattoo choices and piercings?

A lot of people get atrocious tattoos and later regret it. Tattoos aren't just something you decide on when you happen to be near a tattoo parlour, they're on you forever so you better think long and carefully about it.

That has happened to me on Yahoo and Twitter. no one changed my password, but on Yahoo, my contacts list was sent spam; this happened numerous times even after password changes, so I deleted my account. On Twitter, they tweeted a bunch of spam and followed a bunch of people. Even after changing my password, it would get hacked again and they were following pages quicker than I could unfollow them, so I tried to delete my account. They re-opened it and kept spamming, so I changed the email and username to something entirely unrelated to me and let the spammers have at the account.

Just wondering how the Canadians on here feel about Canadian officials welcoming the wave of migrants from the United States

We're not allowed to talk about it, Trudeau made it a "hate crime" to disagree with one particular violent, hateful religion.

Also, the wave of migrants are considered to be more Canadian than those of us who's families have been here for many generations, and built Canada into what it was until recently. We're called "colonizers."

you mean to tell me the internet is full of raunchy and offensive things? This has been well known even in the early days. It used to be that you had to have a thick skin if you wanted to browse the internet, and you didn't let children browse unattended. Hell, even in family friendly places like Yahoo Games, people used to cyber and talk about anything and everything, out in the open where anyone can see, and there were no moderators in the chat. You were on your own, it was your responsibility to turn on the swear filter or block people, not whine to the staff.

I've never seen anything offensive like what the article shows, but I have noticed that no matter what innocent thing you try to search for, there is always at least some porn. Same thing happens on DuckDuckGo. it doesn't do that by default though, you only see it if you choose to see it.
My opinion is that if you turn off safe search (it's on by default), you should get a thick skin because the internet is filled with all kinds of raunchy things. It's like choosing to go to a lounge instead of a family restaurant, and then complaining that everyone around you is drinking alcohol.

Daily obsession and hate towards Donald Trump is a mental illness .. Please get some help.

I just feel sorry for people who dedicate every waking moment towards hating someone/something. Their lives must be miserable, no one deserves that.

I saw a real gloryhole for the first time today.

You should have made fun of him for not being hard.

I think both, amirite?

He would be called an alt-right nazi and a white supremacist for condemning religious based violence and racism.

While getting something for free is great... it can't make up for all the times you paid retail, amirite?

Getting an item for free because the cashier screwed up makes up for all the times you've paid for an item you didn't buy, or all the times when they didn't ring up the sale price.
It's certainly not ethical, but I've been ripped off enough times to stop giving a crap.

If you won an award for being humble, where would you display it?

I would put it up on the front of my house! Let the whole neighbourhood see how humble I am!!!!

Making fun of President Trump's hair lowers us to the level of those who we wish to unseat. That has nothing to do with the issues. Please don't stoop to the same level as those who seek to further their divisive agenda. Our motto is about unity not separatism, e pluribus unum.

Don't forget other remarks made by the "tolerant left", such as saying that people in Florida and Texas deserve to die in hurricanes, or saying that they don't feel sorry for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting "because they were probably Trump supporters, since it was a country show".
And they say right-wingers are hateful sociopaths. They're just projecting their own hate onto their opponents.

Do you think our government had a hand in 9/11?

9/11 is the result of a violent, hateful, regressive religion. The same religion we're not allowed to criticize and must bend over backwards to accommodate, even though the belief system teaches such peaceful things as executing gays and stoning women for getting raped.

That's why you delete Shitblock Plus and get uBlock Origin!