dad bods are created in the gym, amirite?
@Cheytuflya What? Dad bods are created by not going to the gym.

so you're saying dadbods are either skinnyfat or just fat with no muscle.

Dogs probably wonder why we never kiss them back, amirite?

Why don't they ever pet us behind our ears

If the universe circles back on itself, then theoretically, with a telescope powerful enough, you could watch the Big Bang. amirite?
Tell your secrets to only the one who won't ever disclose it and that is you. amirite?

The best way to keep a secret is to tell no-one.

Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead.

dad bods are created in the gym, amirite?
@Thenaturelover Dadbods are created in the pub.

so you're saying dadbods are either skinnyfat or just fat with no muscle.

There is at least one guy on earth who paid winrar, amirite?

And I thank them

You will never experience the full sensation of what your tongue tastes like. amirite?

I think someone elses tongue gives full flavor with a good suck. Close enough

If meddling kids and a stoner dog are what foiled your criminal scheme, you probably weren't going to get away with it in the end anyways. amirite?

If your entire scheme, scam, plan or plot was to dress up as a ghost, zombie or monster to get what you want--- your problem is far greater than kids, a dog and pot.

Honestly it shouldn't have been a mystery van, it should have been the paddy wagon

Self-referential paradoxes are glitches in the fabric of reality, amirite?

Idk about a glitch I think perhaps just an evolution flaw ?

We will never see phone lines being cut in horror movies ever again. amirite?

Bruh just electricity, will do same thing for most VOIP without a BBU

We use plastic to throw out our plastic. amirite?

you throw out plastic?

If we evolved to have any other number of fingers, the Base-10 system probably wouldn't be nearly as popular. amirite?
The same people who root for the underdog and want them to succeed are the same people who would hate them once they're successful for being mainstream and a "sell-out", amirite?

And so the snobbery cycle goes... Round and round.

We spend our entire lives collecting people that will attend our funerals, amirite?
@Tldfonat I don't plan on dying at all

If you're planning on being here for awhile you need to do something about your cars extended warranty . . .

We human beings tend to think of certain other human beings as somehow very different from us, but we are all the same, all of us glued to our smartphones with their occasional charging tails. amirite?

52% of the world's population don't have smart phones and 33% have no mobile devices at all.