If someone molests a child, and then the parent of that child kills the child molester, the parent shouldn't go to jail, amirite?

But that just supports vigilante justice. That would be like a gateway to other crimes being punished by civilians. "That man robbed my house so I figured I'd just kill him" You can't start deciding what's ok and what isn't.

When your asked for a pen & you know you haven't got a pen, you still frisk yourself & your bags before replying, amirite?
lost your pen=no pen, no pen=no notes, no notes=no study, no study=fail, fail=no diploma, no diploma=no work, no work=no money, no money=no food, no food=you get skinny, you get skinny=you get ugly, ugly=no love, no love=no marriage, no marriage=no children, no children=alone, alone=depression, depression=sickness, sickness=death. Lesson: Don't lose your pen, you will die, amirite?

You get skinny=ugly? That's not what I've heard

Jenna Marbles?

If one of your loved ones was wrongly convicted of a felony crime, such as murder, you would go through law school if you were sure you could prove their innocence and save them from prison, amirite?

Wait but if their innocence was so sure why couldn't you just hire a good lawyer?

When you think about it, if the government wanted to, they could completely keep unhealthy foods off the market or make it to where there wasn't very much of it. Although it sounds kind of unreasonable and extreme, it would be really cool to see the health affects it had on everyone. Amirite?


It would suck for someone straight to be named Gay. Introducing yourself would be awkward. "Hi! I'm Gay!" amirite?
You have argued with the most retarded person on amirite before, amirite?

So I guess I'll be the first to say it? I really hate the use of the word retarded.

It's weird how the 7-Eleven logo doesn't capitalize the last 'n', amirite?

Can never be unseen

You wonder how the Dursleys treated Harry as a baby. I mean, you can't really neglect an innocent little child, amirite?

I've always wondered how he got glasses. Like did the Dursley's care enough to get his eyes checked and get a prescription?

If you met people on here in real life you'd call them by their username, amirite?

Yya op. If I met you id be like hey anonymous

With all the shit Max pulls, you almost expect Ruby to snap one day. "DAMMIT MAX JUST PUT YOUR FUCKING TOYS AWAY ALREADY!", amirite?
@niemann2006 Max is a little brat

I felt nice because I was the first person to like it.

Go to any Wikipedia article. Click on the first link that is not in italics or parenthesis. Repeat. You eventually end up at Philosophy, amirite?
Harry has never celebrated Ron and Hermione's birthdays even though they happen during the Hogwarts year. What a jerk, amirite?

this is true. I forgot about that

It's an awful thought that strangers may have licked your elbow and you didn't know it. amirite?
@Kaitlyn When do you think someone's going to lick your elbow? Like climb through your window while you're sleeping?

Anytime you're in public. This post was because someone said that they once when to an amusement park and licked 27 strangers elbows