Today, Daniel Radcliffe admitted he was drunk while filming some scenes for the Harry Potter movies. Now you're really curious which scenes those are, amirite?
There are some amirite users, that are like amirite celebrities, that everyone had heard of and have gotten many POTD's, amirite?

Pedobear and iwannafingeryou and theobliviouspanda and some others that I don't remember!

It seems like these tragic type incidents happen far too often in the U.S. amirite?
@Unicorns I mean really I feel like every fucking time I go onto yahoo or turn on the news I see shit like this. I'm...

Trust me, incidents every few years and a lot of failed attempts is soooo much better than a lot of other places. We're blessed to be living in countries that have great security and defense and such a high standard of living.

It's only been a month, but it's pretty clear 2011 will be a good year for music, amirite?
@I thought it was changed to Panic at the Disco...

I was aware that they broke up... I'm so confused.

Why would anyone want to think outside the box when there might be pizza in it? Amirite?

Or a dead (or maybe alive?) cat.

R.I.P to the 2,976 American people that lost their lives on 9/11 and R.I.P to the 48,644 Afghan and 1,690,903 Iraqi people that paid the ultimate price for a crime they did not commit. Amirite?
Imagine how long it would take to decide on a company name. It's like your username, except it actually matters, amirite?

Men aren't going to stop looking. Attraction to a revealed body is an instinct, not a mindset. Accept it and get over it.
If you really want men to stop looking, don't wear it. If you still want to wear it, wear it at home or somewhere all girls. Guys aren't going to stop looking just because you say so. Attraction is wired into every human being.

Thank you, music, for being the only color in a world of monotony and the only constant in a world of change. amirite?

I'm pretty sure music at least changes with the times, even if it doesn't lead the change.

You dont know what to think about obama, hes an okay president but hes a nice guy, amirite?

It's hard to accomplish anything with a divided Congress. But even then, he's still managed to accomplish some things.

This one time at band camp, I memorized music, the show, learned a new instrument, and made enemies with the brass. I didn't have time to get pregnant, amirite?

Well I would hope you two didn't get pregnant, Phineas and Ferb. Last I heard was that you were both guys.

People should not bitch about how intolerant Muslims are. Hindus think cows are holy, so they won't eat beef themselves, but there is no detrimental effect to them when someone eats beef near them. Muslims however, believe that pork is evil, thus being near pork would be like being near the devil himself, amirite?
@TheresAnAppForThat Uhhhhh.... Clarify what this post is saying please? Most Muslims won't and don't mind if you eat pork by them. Pork...

Actually, Muslims believe that pigs are dirty, filthy, and unhealthy for the body. That's why, in the Qur'an, it is forbidden to consume pork unless in dire need. The story you are referring to is from the Old Testament.

everytime a new guy celebrity comes around that a whole bunch of girls like, guys always have to be all "oh that guys gay. hes a tool." blah blah blah. ex. justin bieber, jonas brothers, zac efron. what makes them gay or a tool? the fact that your GF's totally in love with him? amirite?
@th3b055 it depends on the kind of music or dancing

I don't think so. I'm neither for or against Bieber, but his type of music is different than, say, Drake. And just because his ears find certain music more expressive than Drake's, it doesn't make him gay, in no way, shape, or form. Gay is used more in the terms of stupid now a days, not literally.

It's sad to see famous people go through mental breakdowns because it makes you realize that journalism is dead. amirite?

I second your notion. I am thoroughly confused.

Teaching isn't the worst job, but it isn't the best. If you're an intelligent person who gets to go to a very prestigous school, it wouldn't make sense to study something stupid like teaching. amirite?

This "stupid" profession you're referring to educates the future of America, makes them more intelligent people, and without teachers, a good education system would not be possible. The people being educated today will be running the country tomorrow... Would you trust it in the hands of someone who doesn't even know how it runs?