Today, Daniel Radcliffe admitted he was drunk while filming some scenes for the Harry Potter movies. Now you're really curious which scenes those are, amirite?
6 probably only spread the 7-8-9 rumor to cover up the things 6 and 9 do together, amirite?
Imagine how long it would take to decide on a company name. It's like your username, except it actually matters, amirite?
It seems like these tragic type incidents happen far too often in the U.S. amirite?
@Unicorns I mean really I feel like every fucking time I go onto yahoo or turn on the news I see shit like this. I'm...

Trust me, incidents every few years and a lot of failed attempts is soooo much better than a lot of other places. We're blessed to be living in countries that have great security and defense and such a high standard of living.

Rebecca Black Ops would be a beast game, amirite?

...killing annoying 13-year olds? ___^

You dont know what to think about obama, hes an okay president but hes a nice guy, amirite?
@Denizen What stuff.

I don't know if you were paying attention to the news, but the unemployment rate is up, the economy is looking better, he got us out of the War on Terror, helped repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell, passed universal healthcare, and captured Osama Bin Laden, all with a divided government. Funny how all of that happened in only 3 years.

A future full of adults who were never properly disciplined as children, and who were given trophies for simply participating in events in school, sounds like something out of a dystopian terror film, amirite?
@AdonisBatheus Haha, no. No, not at all. Not in any way.

Participation awards are only given to little kids to encourage them to try new things and become well-rounded. If an older kid gets a participation award, it's almost embarrassing.
Aside from that, all of those kids will grow up sooner or later, will they not? They'll be put into the "real world." They'll experience hardships and failures before they get anywhere in life. I really don't think it's anything to worry about because everyone learns the lesson. Some just learn it sooner than others. It isn't going to affect the generation that's already "grown up" because by the time they are grown up, they (we) will have had those bad experiences.

See that pregnant teen over there? She was raped. See that guy doing his homework from last night? He convinced his friend out of suicide. See that man with the ugly scars? He fought for our country. See that guy who is sobbing? His mother is dying. See that show-off guy? He's standing up to bullies. See that fat woman? She has a health problem. Don't judge people if you don't know their life. ... amirite?

There's other health problems which cause fat to be made too. My friend had a disease for which the medicine made her gain weight. A girl in my Spanish class was 300 pounds but only because she had a sickness and wasn't able to lose the weight.

This one time at band camp, I memorized music, the show, learned a new instrument, and made enemies with the brass. I didn't have time to get pregnant, amirite?

Well I would hope you two didn't get pregnant, Phineas and Ferb. Last I heard was that you were both guys.

The most messed up thing about our society is racism. Not racism against minorities, but racism in their favor. Africans Americans can have black history month, black only colleges, and black only organizations, and all that is just fine. But if we so much as suggested white history month, or white only colleges and organizations, then that would be considered extremely racist, amirite?
@jaydakinsss I experience racism a lot. It's not over and done with so stop saying that.

Every ethnicity recorded racism and profiling. It's NEVER going to be done.

It's terrible when people try to make teenage mothers feel bad for being excited about having a baby. Just because it was unplanned and maybe not at the best time doesn't mean she can't be happy that she's got a new life growing inside her, amirite?
@I may or may not get off topic here. I feel like this is a situation that every person would handle differently...

Not only that, but it's such a personal decision. I don't think anyone has the right to look down at the mother and say what she should or shouldn't do. It's her and her baby's father's decision. No one else's.

If there was a non-pacifiable war to obliteration between solely Christians and Muslims, you'd root for the Christians, amirite?

Why you hatin' on Muslims? Not cool, dude, not cool.

It's ridiculous that some parents don't let their kids watch Hercules because it has Greek gods in it, amirite?

It's kind of like not being able to watch Mulan because there's Asians in it.


Men aren't going to stop looking. Attraction to a revealed body is an instinct, not a mindset. Accept it and get over it.
If you really want men to stop looking, don't wear it. If you still want to wear it, wear it at home or somewhere all girls. Guys aren't going to stop looking just because you say so. Attraction is wired into every human being.

3oh!3 and Ke$ha have a hell of a lot in common. They spell their band name/name in a ridiculous way, have overly sexual songs that get in your head and dont leave, they try to act ghetto, they demean the opposite sex, and they are slutty and trashy. They should totally become one band, amirite?

I have to say, though it's not really my kind of music, I have listened to more than just what comes on the radio and if you look at both artists' albums, their songs actually do have meaning. It just so happens that their more popular songs are the demeaning ones, just as almost every other artist on the radio.