In scary movies even if you run and the killer walks, somehow they catch up to you, amirite?

Its called a movie, drama :D

You know you’re invisible when the automatic faucet rejects you. Amirite?

I walked away from one and it turned on -.-

It's hard to understand why men pay higher insurance rates when you see a woman cut across 3 lanes of traffic without using a turn signal. amirite?

Or when they take left while the entire lane is blocked and end up in the middle of an intersection for 5 minutes forcing cars and pedestrians to stop.

Strapless bras give your boobs an odd shape, amirite?

Omg I hate when that happens!!!!

You hate people reading your msn convos and your emails, amirite?
@528491 Or when they hack your skype

I just woke up, I thought it said "528491 new comments on this post" omg you, missy, are a trickster!

It's strange that we say 'thunder and lightning'. From what I recall, lightning always comes first, amirite?

Yes but T comes before L ;D

When in doubt, whip it out, amirite?

Whip out The Solution to the problem. Dont worry I'm already here.

"Three" has a hidden message, amirite?
Rule of thumb: ordering anything off of television is a no-no, amirite?

So its a Yes?

Bilingual people: When you say something in your native language, you sometimes translate it into your second tongue, amirite?

Im multilingual!

It's not racist if it's a good thing about black people, amirite?
@retsofgiants14 because obviously all racism is directed toward black people

LOL oh I must have forgot while I was making fun of azns xD

(kidding i <3 azns)

It's not racist if it's a good thing about black people, amirite?

Why did you specify black people? xD

As a general rule if someone else eats it, then it's safe for you to eat too, amirite?

Im lactose Intolerant. You can figure the rest out yourself

Bruce Lee pwns Chuck Norris at any given day when he was alive, amirite?

Chuck Norris cannot die so how does he lose, exactly, he doesn't.

Guys: You hate how girls get mad if you comment on their body. Good or bad they get mad at you. amirite?

You're so insecure you assume we lie? Wtf o.O