People complain life is too short. Lllliiiiiiiiffffeeeeee. Problem solved, amirite?

People complain? Kill everyone. Problem solved.

For this moment, you and I are connected in a way we probably never will be again. For this moment we are close. amirite?

What the fuck?! I feel like I've just been raped..

Evening news is where they begin with 'Good evening', and then proceed to tell you why it isn't. amirite?

"Good evening. Tonight, a meteor will smash into the Earth, probably killing arond 2/3 of the human race. The remaining population will have a very low chance of survival due to the vast amount of debris from the impact and breakdown of infrastructure. On a lighter note, a budgerigar named Bungy who lived at the Five Feathers in Barnsley has found a novel way to keep cool this summer by learning to water ski! Over to you, Bertha!"

They always somehow find a way to make it slightly less depressing, amirite?

Or, in this guys case, if 'hbbhhdmdmhhddeehdhdhee' didn't rhyme with 'hdyahbbeabbadaabbmmdee'. YouTube video thumbnail

You hate it when your girlfriend asks you to hold her handbag, and it doesn't match what you're wearing, amirite?
How do people in wheelchairs get to heaven if it's a stairway to heaven? Amirite?

Well, you see, if Heaven didn't also have a ramp or a lift, it would face the possibility of closure or a lawsuit as it was not universally accessible. I'm not sure the Big G would want to take that risk, you know?

America is clearly better than Canada, amirite?

Been to both but from neither. Canada wins. The people are nicer there. And the McDonalds are further apart.

instead of facebook saying "300 friends" it should say "300 people I know", amirite?

300 random Arabic guys who added you to stalk your profile + 100 acquaintances = no friends irl.

<4 just ruins the moment, amirite?

Oh, I thought you meant <4 inches..

The letter 'w' is NOT a vowel, amirite?

It's a vowel in Greek and Welsh..

Since the Egyptians don't have internet they should just be called Gyptians now, amirite?

I wish Sarah Palin lived in Egypt..

People complain life is too short. Lllliiiiiiiiffffeeeeee. Problem solved, amirite?

But there's no one left to complain about the dead people's short lives. Peace at last. y smilie

Amirite is the stupidest thing on the net, only nerds go on this website consistently because they have nothing else to do in there useless lives...... amirite?
America should nuke China and Iran and NK, amirite?
@scrantoncity I honestly couldn't care less about what you think of me. Just because YOU'RE incapable of defending your beliefs...

Yeah, cool. Blindly insult me. Infact, I am very capable of defending my beliefs and know the back-up arguments and evidence to the letter because I've researched everything thoroughly but won't bother debating with you as I know, from previous conversations and arguments I've either had or read, that you'll just continue pointlessly in never-ending circles/get agressive. Nice chatting to you. I'll be back once you've learnt some manners - I do enjoy a proper debate.

Artists: Sometimes you wish you could forget that you were the one who'd created your painting/drawing/sculpture, so that you could have a genuine opinion on it. amirite?

Also works for composers/songwriters etc etc.