About me.

Is anyone ever good at these things? Because I for one am not...

Socially I don't quite fit in just one group. I'm an unpreppy athlete and despise all those that are preppy, yet I'm just preppy enough that I'm not a real "outcast". Of course, being gay also makes all that a little tougher.

But despite all that I have the best bestfriend ever: Shugah. You should go check her profile.

Whenever I'm not stressing over school work and sports and being desparately in love with a straight guy, I love drawing. I also love photography, reading, writing, and listening to music.
Some of my favorite bands inclube but are not limited to:
Panic! At the Disco
Pierce the Veil
Oh, Sleeper
I the Breather

As for books:
Uglies Series
Inheritance Cycle
Harry Potter
Gone Series
Hunger Games Series
I am Number Four Series
and many more that I can't recall at the moment.