If you're going to keep treating someone who never did anything to you as an enemy or something lower than you, don't be surprised when they will grow a certain dislike for you. You did that all on your own.

It's amazing how some people seem to alienate others and make enemies so easily. And they often seem to be clueless to the ways they push people away.

Never say you're sorry! It's a sign of weakness! John Wayne

Apologising if you've done wrong is certainly not a weakness; in fact, it's quite the opposite considering how difficult it is for many to give a sincere apology.

But apologising too often and bending over backwards for people is the sign of a doormat.

I'm 18. I'll be 19 in ten days.

In the time that I've been online, I've found that physical age does not necessarily correlate with maturity. Some of the most immature, petty people I've come across have been middle-aged.

What brings out your competitive streak?

Academics. I was the only freshman in an upper-div Latin class this spring. I was very aware of it and I figured I better get good grades to show for it. And (with effort) I did. I was often the first one to finish an exam and I'd get 100% on it. There was this one guy in my class who I think was subtly competing with me, but I could not let him win!

Which do you find more offensive? 1. A Rebel Flag Hat 2. A MAGA Hat 3 A Pink Pu$$y Hat

I don't find any of them offensive out of context. A rebel hat could just mean they're a proud southerner; a MAGA hat is just a Trump supporter, lots of people are Trump supporters, including friends of mine. A pink pussy hat is a feminist symbol and I'm not offended by feminists. But I'm not easily offended in general. It's going to take more than a hat to rile me up.

I’m not too interested in personal habit questions, but I’d rather answer less-serious questions than a bunch of biased political questions that are insulting to my intelligence.

At what point do you believe a study on a topic?

I certainly don't believe a study only on faith nor do I think much of articles that use phrasing like "studies show that...". Studies have to be evaluated on an individual basis. When you really examine them and where they get their numbers (and how they interpret those numbers), then you can see the agenda behind their conclusions and whether those conclusions are misleading (or not).

How Much Of Your At-Home Music Collection Is On Vinyl? Do You Still Own A Turntable To Spin Them On?

I have a decent collection of vinyl. I'm a newcomer to it, since I'm 19 and obviously didn't grow up with it, but I love the sound, and it's become a hobby of mine :)

How many books do you read a year (excluding textbooks)? Counting the entire book read, but not unfinished, skimmed, or glanced at.

Around 50, I guess. So far this year I've read 25 and two were 700-page non-fiction works (and that's in addition to all the articles and textbooks I had to read for college).

Reading is one thing I'm able to make good time for.

Does punctuation in text messages matter?

Most of the time, not really. But then you have this classic example:

"Let's eat, grandma!" vs. "Let's eat grandma!"

Sometimes punctuation makes a big difference in meaning.

What famous person shares your birthday?

Alexis de Tocqueville, Benito Mussolini, Ken Burns, Geddy Lee, Wil Wheaton

Warning! This is a political post! Do not read this if you do not like political posts. This seems odd to me: We have a conservative government now that frequently rails against the media, and its most ardent supporters agree. Additionally it seeks to normalize relationships with countries known for censoring the media (Russia, PRNK). It also touts ‘free market’ and letting corporations decide business policies for themselves. Now when a few corporations make the business decision to disavow Infowars, the collective conservative head explodes.

So I have to wonder then which "private companies" have freedoms and which don't. When a private bakery denies service to homosexuals, conservatives cit the 1st Amendment, freedom of religion, freedom of business, but when a corporation like Apple decides to remove Alex Jones from their podcast inventory, suddenly they cry foul. Should Apple have the same freedom that a small bakery has? Is Apple so "public" that their freedom needs to be curtailed a bit? Or is this simply a suggestion: Apple SHOULD do this, we're not saying they should be legally forced to do it?

Ultimately I would rather see media platforms be as free as possible. But I acknowledge that a company like Apple has a right to remove whatever content they want to.

And yes, I do find it ironic that anyone on the right would praise Putin, given how he silences and censors any opposition.

Is Trump right to get our troops out of Syria and Afghanistan?
@deusvult yes, but republicans don;t run on a platform of peace and ending the wars,

Some do. One of Trump's claims was that he'd be less of a war hawk than Hillary.

No. I am not a supporter, but disagreement is not hatred. As many on this site should not need reminding of.

If it's a question about specific users, you probably shouldn't ask it publicly, as those questions tend to be removed. Other than that, I don't see why you shouldn't ask any question you want to.