Trump has actually helped Baltimore, more than any other politician, by shining a light on the conditions there. Transparency should be the first order of business there and all over the US. amirite?

Pointing out a problem is one thing. Doing something about it is quite another.

What's your solution to fix the problems in Baltimore?

Sugar in your spaghetti: Yum or Yuck?

Sugar can work in some sauces that use wine and lemon juice (like arrabbiata) to offset those strong flavors. But that picture is disgusting--that is way too much sugar. lol

It's not easy to hire "good teachers" in poor areas when they earn less and have a more difficult. There's little incentive for people to work in poor schools, so the quality tends not to be as high as it could be. Thus perpetuating the vicious cycle...

Children will not die if they don't have mobile/ tablet in their possession. Amirite?

They certainly act like it sometimes. I won't let my young kids use smartphones or tablets. I've seen what rabid monsters children become when you take those things away. They play games and watch videos that are designed to make them addicted.

Where do you do your best thinking?

Out in the woods on a walk, in bed before I fall asleep, in the shower.

Do you enjoy the older movies or do you prefer the newer ones? Care to share?

I enjoy both.

Right now I've been more into older movies. I've been watching a lot of Ingmar Bergman. Weird, interesting stuff.

If an 18 year old is a victim of crime they're Teens. But if they're the culprit media refers to them as man/ woman. Amirite?

I'm 19 and I do very much feel in that transitional stage where sometimes it's beneficial to be thought of as a "teen" or an "adult" depending on the context.

There was no such thing as bad breath before the toothbrush was invented. amirite?

Lmao what?

I'm pretty sure it was just a given back then.

The spankings your parents gave you when you were a child would be considered abuse now. Amirite
@Lil_Princess I didn't get them but I was wise enough to respect my parents.

Same. I was never spanked either. I'm sure for some kids it's the only form of punishment that works, but my parents never felt the need for it.

It’s normal to say "kitty cat", "puppy dog" or "bunny rabbit", but completely weird to say "calf cow", "duckling duck", or "kid goat", amirite?

First off, while a puppy is a young dog, "kitty" and "bunny" are not terms for young animals, they are simply nicknames for the animals, regardless of their age. Also, the first three contain words ending in -y, whereas the others don't. And cats, dogs, and rabbits are common pets; the others are not. "kitty cat", et al. are terms of affection. We don't seem to speak affectionately of animals we don't often keep as pets.

So that may be why.

Have you ever regretted buying a book that was considered a best-seller? Why?

I won't buy a book unless I am reasonably sure that I will enjoy it. Something being a "best seller" has never been a reason for me to buy a book. "Best seller" just means what it says: it has sold a lot. Not that it is of any quality.

It could have a politics-free zone, but I do not think the entire site should be politics-free.

Politics seems to be what a large number of people here like to talk about. Eliminating politics entirely would eliminate a lot of the discussion here.

The United States is a representative democracy, also known as a constitutional republic.

What we are not is a direct democracy. A direct democracy would require the people to vote on every piece of legislation. It sounds like absolute madness.

58. If You Could Abolish One Piece Of Modern Technology, What Would It Be And Why?

I would ban iPads for children. Steve Jobs said he didn't let his kids use one and I understand why. Kids are given iPads to play with because it keeps them quiet, but you take that iPad away and they have violent tantrums. Kids watch videos on YouTube that are deliberately designed to keep them addicted. We are getting kids as young as 3 addicted to technology. It's absurd and no one seems to care. I posted about this on another site and most people responded with "who cares? if it keeps them quiet, that's a good thing". Parents would rather let an iPad raise their kids than do it themselves.

Ugh. Blocked.