"How DARE you say the word rape!? That's insensitive to victims of sexual assault!" "INSENSITIVE?! DON'T YOU EVER USE THAT WORD! IT'S OFFENSIVE TO PEOPLE WHO DON'T HAVE SENSES!" It's never gonna stop, amirite?
@The_Enlightened Emo?! You're offending people who aren't tools!

Tools?! You're offending people who aren't from Jersey Shore!

"Only got an iPad, 2 pairs of Toms, iPhone4, 3 Vera Bradley bags, and a new camera ): worst. christmas. ever." Oh my. What a TERRIBLE Christmas you've had, amirite?

I had a fantastic Christmas, regardless of my gifts.

My family made it fantastic, and seeing my dad home from Iraq. :D

"Who created humans?" - "God, of course!!" - "...who created God?" - "YEW SHUT YURR GOD DAMN ATHEIST MOUTH BITCH", amirite?
Fat girls should not wear bikinis or get a belly button piercing, amirite?




The moment you tell someone you love them should be the moment you decide you want to marry them, amirite?

Love =/= Marriage.

You've sometimes wondered why mashing your lips together with someone else and licking each other's tongues became a sign of affection, amirite?

I don't know, but it sounds kind of hot when you put it that way.

Sometimes words put together sound like something else, its sofa king retarded, amirite?

Mike Hawk.

Girls asking you if you think they're (physically) pretty is incredibly annoying; if they aren't how are you supposed to answer it?! amirite?

Tell the truth. I don't normally ask guys that, but one time we were rating everyone in the class and so I asked one guy my rating. He gave me a 6.7. I was fine with that (even, though it sucked!). Everyone will have their own opinion on how people look, so you might as well be honest.

You try your hardest to get into honors classes and once you get put in them you realize you wish you weren't in them because it requires so much effort, amirite?
facebook drama is hilarious, amirite?

I have no idea why people feel the need to expose their personal lives to the world.

Not having sex by the time you are 25 is normal, amirite?

I hate that everyone's so loose with the word 'slut.'

Just because you have sex, doesn't make you a slut, and before you jump the gun, I'm 17 and my virginity is still intact.

Still, sex is a natural thing; 25 is a bit old and is not normal, at least not in our current society. That isn't a bad thing though, it's just not normal.

Your life changed when you found you had no gag reflex, amirite?

More like my boyfriend's life changed.

Your favorite character from Family Guy is Stewie, amirite?

No, my favourite is Peter and Brian.
If Brian was real, I'd totally do him.

you should never call someone fat. If they really are fat, they probably know it and don't need someone pointing it out, amirite?
@AnnDeeva I don't see "fat" as an insult. I personally think it's a word to describe someone, just like "skinny". Some people...

I agree. We calculated our body mass index in Nutrition & Wellness class, and my friend who's slightly smaller than me was freaking out. I already knew I was fat, and this guy was telling us he was going to look at our weight, and I didn't care, because I already knew that I was clinically fat. I don't see why so many people take it as an insult, when it's more or less a description.

Anything with more than four legs is scary shit, amirite?

Ladybugs aren't particularly scary.