Driving on a lonely country road can be some of the best therapy out there

Yes but it can be so annoying in the USA. A straight road into the distance with nothing as far as the eye can see... except a 55mph speed limit sign!

Your allowed to go to a gay club with aids..but not covid, amirite?

You don't spread aids just by being around people...

The most effective job for mute person is of a librarian. amirite?
@Nope. Google maps transportation driver

Like the person that does Street View? Or do you mean an Uber driver?

The most dangerous part of air travel is when you use a car to travel to or from your airport, amirite?

You're far more likely to die in a car crash than a plane crash. Plane travel is the safest form of transportation.

It's the old stereotype that men are supposed to be strong and only women are supposed to show feelings. I'm trying to think of a situation where you would ask someone to woman up. But I can't so I guess you're right!

Did what?

Since Greenland refused to sell their land to the U.S. at President Trump's request, and it's mainly the east coast of Greenland that Trump mainly wants, Donald Trump should try again, but this time- offer to purchase the land all along the east coast. A land portion narrow like Chile. Greenland would more likely- if not absolutely 100% agree to sell that land portion to the U.S. since the remaining mainland of Greenland would still be present and independent AND Greenland could STILL use the money where and how they want to in Greenland, amirite?

Have you considered that Greenland just doesn't want to sell their land?

I imagine most people will pick the year most of their favourite songs came out.
But defining could also be the year you think music turned bad.

If there were no more rapeings we wouldnt need abortions, amirite?

Believe it or not people have sex for fun too.

Its funny that the athletes were the first affected even tho healty people are the least susceptible, amirite?

We're just hearing about the most notable people. There are plenty more less healthy people affected but they're not famous figures so why would you hear about them?

When did it become so difficult to adopt a dog? Who are these people that decide who can or cannot adopt? Are not their standards WAY too high? I get it, when it comes to having to be careful, because of unethical people, but personal questions, calling your veterinarians. If you did not fix all your dogs, you are not even given a chance. Never mind if you have proven in many ways that you can be a good owner. I am retired, have a home, fenced yard, lots of time to spend and love a dog, but they have branded me! You are left with breeders or Craigslist. Countless others like me out there also. amirite?

I had this same experience! You always hear you should go to the shelter and volunteer or adopt and animal. But in reality they are overrun with people trying to volunteer and if you want to adopt you have to get on a list and jump through their hoops and hope they deem you worthy.

Ah. Your "I did it" and " i finished" posts make a lot more sense now.

Covid 19 deaths per day still has not passed cancer, amirite?
The stock market is full of shit...
Sales at ALL grocery stores are up 300% people are spending and buying...why the drop???? amirite?

What makes you think the service industry doesn't contribute to the stock market?
They are business that have shares like like all the others.

England should become a U.S. State, amirite?