Given all his combat training, Keanu Reeves might actually be a valuable asset in an insurrection. amirite?

True ! That man is GOD level when it comes to shooting !

An isosceles triangle is bipedal, amirite?

That made my head spin round round, while i lay parallel to the square ground.

Passengers napping while you're driving is a huge compliment. Like, they trust you enough to believe that they can sleep and will wake up alive later, as you're maneuvering a fast hunk of steel amongst other fast hunks of steel. amirite?

Sleeping on long car rides is a form of time travel.

If you're 18, you can adopt a person that's 17 years old. amirite?
Aldi is Trader Joe's for moms. amirite?

They are actually owned by the same group

The price of productivity is creativity. amirite?

and free time... GOD I WANT MORE FREE TIME

You never truly know how good your sleep was unless you wake up when you don't want to, amirite?
@paintingsbyO If you sleep for 10 hours and wake up tired, you had poor sleep

My sleep may not have been good............but that's 10 hours of not having to put up with humanity and it's problems

The Ewoks probably ate all the Storm Troopers they killed. amirite?

We are the e - e - e - e - e - ee woks

The poor pay interest , the rich pay from interest, amirite?

Best ST I've seen a quite awhile.

One of the sneakily expensive parts of being an adult is building your own spice collection. amirite?

True. So, so true.

Just to think....there will be people that will actually get to experience.... amirite?
There are people who watch ‘It's a Wonderful Life' and see Mr Potter as the hero standing up to George Bailey. amirite?

D trump's favorite part is when Potter keeps the $5000

Being able to get up in the morning and work on your own schedule is one of the most liberating things you will ever do. amirite?
@Shiny244 You seem confused mate

It's your own personal routine what you do every morning. Schedules involves other people. So you're trying to say it's liberating to do your own routine every morning you don't need to make your schedule your schedule is in your brain

Your fridge door is a lot like your phone, you open it when bored hoping to find something different, which it rarely provides, amirite?

AND fridges use electricity and lights so BOOM, fridges are phones CONFIRMED!

When it rains, people only turn their headlights on because of peer pressure. amirite?
@dogmom050502 The law is not the same for every state in America. Even so... there are still those that do not turn them on...

You turn your headlights on in the rain, so your vehicle can be seen better. Visibility is reduced in the rain. Braking distances are increased on wet roads. So any bit of extra awareness and visibility helps.