Its so true. It's some kinda weird reverse political correctness

Almost as weird as the music on this site:

Here's your tin foil hat sir...

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The Whole World Will Miss You, John McCain

God Bless John McCain. A true patriot. We may have disagreed but there is no questioning his loyalty to America. He Is a man who who puts others first. Unlike Trump who puts himself first. I fear men like him are becoming fewer. He will not be forgotten. This comes from someone who did not vote for him, but admires his patriotism, will, and honorable character. Things that are in short supply in his political party today.

glue, and that stuff they use to gold meat packaging together, it smells like how you'd expect "Stupid" to smell like. Like that's the only way I can describe it. It's giving me the same feeling as i get when i watch someone act like a complete moron

The Whole World Will Miss You, John McCain
@Piper2 I heard that this morning. I have often disagreed with John McCain's stances, but have always admired his what...

Even during the election I admired him for his service record and what he's been through and held together under.

questioning religious teachings is not bigotry

Name something brittle.

An Alex Jones "truth"

lol sorry

Actually parts of my model trains are annoyingly brittle

The Acronym Game! Pick a word from previous sentence...and make an Acronym out of it. See examples.

North Dakota

No Other Region That Has Destroyed All Knowledge Of Taking Acid

better than dying

If that's the best thing you can say about him...we're in trouble


That's the reality of the world we live in! "Trump won we can be racist again! Fuck PC Ideas like....being nice to people in any way shape or form!"

What Would it Take to Convince You Trump was a Mistake?

and in those days it was a glorious wreck every single day. A new news story

Could you burn a dollar bill? I asked this on SH once; ppl got very upset....

No it's actually illegal

I wish there was a shower computer or something because when you shower alone it's boring

Thats really not how it happens with me lol maybe its a guy thing