Everyone who's not conservaitve is a Socialist to them. I've been called a socialist. ME!! Theme park loving, Disney obsessed, Model Train building, Video Game consuming, Restaurant lover, Small business shopper JANET VONNIK!

Sure I am no fan of rich people who become rich through cheating, cutting corners, and stepping on people. Throwing people under the bus to become rich is not impressive and should not be rewarded. Hard workers my ass. But I don't even know how to be a socialist. What do they eat? how do they shop? what do they wear? IDK!! They must pay to use an airplane or ship to cross oceans. Ones without agricultural skill must have to buy food same as everyone else. Despite being a tomboy I'm a bit of a princess when it comes to that stuff, I'll admit. I can't WALK to California. I have to buy gas eventually (though gas companies suck ass and are untrustworthy price- gaugers)

its black and white all or nothing thinking (indicative of several mental disorders) that leads thoughts like this to exist. If this was true of all non conservatives than all conservatives must be Rednecks or Ebenezer Scrooge (pre-reform).

If someone random on the street starts talking to you in NYC just keeep walking you want none of their crud
@StarzAbove Thanks for the warning.

trust me all they want is either

A: To sell you stuff
B: To take your money through a swindle
C: your body (if female)
D: to yell about jesus hiding in their elbow or something

Your views on Capital Punishment could be wrong. Amirite?

I support castration for rapists

I can't cook but if I did I would

a McDonalds

This is not how I wanted our friendship to go. I wanted to meet her one day or at least text her or call or something!! But for this reason I exercised caution and didn't do any of those things. But I thought she and I were a team here. We would take on the antifeminist scumbags and prove that girls are not to be messed with. It sounds so stupid but when I thought everyone was gonna turn on me she was one of the few that I knew wouldn't. Now idk what to believe anymore.

And now this FUCKING TROLL is back and I'm letting it get to me because I don't have her here to be like fuck this guy!!

Do you follow any conspiracies?

I guess a few alien (Extraterrestrial not illegal immigrant) theories make sense to me, I at least take them as fact in my sci fi stories.


yw no probs! It's good to gain perspective

Please make a negative and positive comment about Travel. What's good about it...and what's not so much fun...

Good is seeing all the different places bad is the cost

Support Trump

Have you ever met a famous/semifamous someone you admire and actually had a normal conversation or even became their friend?

I recently became online friends with a certain alternative model who I wont say who it is but her name rhymes with Hayley Cooks

Would you rather do meth or smack your head against a wall

I've done many drugs, but I don't mess with anything that fucked up. I don't wanna look like an old granny at age 35 and I don't want to run around like an idiot in my panties yelling nonsense at people. and I definately don't wanna be a redneck

Mine is most happy when it meets like minded friends of it's own kind

If you don't like an idea don't try to restrict the options of others to follow it
@Wunderscore is this not yet another way of restricting the ideas of people who disagree with this idea?

People's rights end where another's begins. For instance you don't have the right to grab a random person tie them up and force them to worship you without their consent. You should never have the right to take away other people's rights.