female sweat mixed with thin clothing material.

Also the smell of football gear

I think people who say "I'm anti PC" are for the most part just looking for an excuse to run around saying "you dirty F*g" or "Those dam N***rs" instead of actually talking about free speech. It shouldn't be enforced by law but by social stigma. I'm really fed up with people who talk about how easily people get offended in society and then when you say something like "god isn't real" they flip out and go STOP OFFENDING MY RELIGIOUS BELIEFS!! Yes you can be pc about Christianity and white people too! and it's usually the same people crying about over usage of PC that do so. It's a two way street.


Yeah Dall i took it out and it was a waterfalls of blood! I was like WHAATT??!! SAY WHAT???? NAWW! and It never hurt much. Just a bit uncomfortable. I was so shocked!

What’s your favorite thing to get on Valentine’s Day?
What smells bring about a wave of Christmas nostalgia in your home?

Sugar cookies!!

"Real patriot" says I LOVE America....except gays, feminists, protesters, people who disagree with me, vegans, mexican immigrants, refugees, the rights of natives to keep their land, the national parks, the environment, the clean air, the aesthetic beauty, it's reporters, it's movies, minorities, transgender Americans, non-christian americans, and the entire state of California. So what do you like? "Real" Patriot answers: Vladimir Putin and the Confederacy!

i HAVE...unfortunately

Trumputin had them assassinated

Modern mainstream music is a cancerous tumor inside of the music industry. Pop, rap, electronic club crap, you name it. It's mostly mindless party music with absolutely no substance. Music nowadays is all about the image and the culture surrounding it. It barely has ANYTHING to do with music. Mainstream "artists" make thousands of dollars promoting arrogance or partying and it's disgusting how many people pander to them.

I had this theory that all music genres are merging. Everything is like dancepunkhiphopemotechnodubstep and country music sounds like pop and rock is practically extinct.

Why does everyone warn people not to google yourself?
One of the best compliments anyone can give you is laughter... Which compliment is good for the second (2nd) one?

Saying "you're hot"

Do you trust Wikipedia?

only when its cited

What happens in_, stays in __. Please fill in the blanks with the place near you...

The Bathroom Stays in the bathroom!

There is a place in the world where people can't get clean water. Where Lead poisoning is a common occurrence. Where there are no grocery stores and people live in abandoned crumbling buildings. That place is Flint, Mi

Compared to Flint, Detroit is Beverly Hills.

apparently Michigan has a system where they can appoint these "emergancy Managers" to usurp power and make decisions over elected officials as well which doesn't help at all.

Another similar place is East St. Louis, IL, where most of the town is split open apartment buildings akin to ancient ruins or post war urban zones. These towns are created by greed and monetary decisions that lead corporations to leave the town and run off with all the jobs that kept it afloat burying it in poverty and debt.

What is the Least Conservative Red State and the Least Liberal Blue State

For blue states I'd say PA, Wisconsin, Michigan, New Hampshire, or Iowa. For red states I'd say Virginia, Florida, Missouri, and NC