Should people be able to walk around naked in public if they feel like it? Why or why not?

STRONGLY AGREE If men can do it so can we.

work sucks Too many snotty old customers

Did you get your learner's permit on the 1st try?


What’s Your Favorite Mexican Dish?

OH MAN nothing beats those with extra cheeese the way my mom makes it

Well well Well if it isn't Transquesta!!! :D :D :D Remember me?

Anyhow to answer the question, I remain puzzled about why people care who the majority is in this country in terms of background. Unless of course that Majority IS criminals in that case we would kinda become like the orion homeworld wouldn't you say? A bit fantastical if you ask me.

Still good to see ya.

Never......I lack said instrument


If You Were A Teacher And A Kid Started Cursing And Threatening You, What Would You Do?

Teach him a lesson he wouldn't forget...or she....or whatever

Do you believe the theory Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene?

Who really knows what happened back then. Anyone coulda just made up anything and got a bunch of wineos at a bar to testify for them and bam! Instant troof


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The kind I conquer

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what innocent little Janney wanny?

Did you get your learner's permit on the 1st try?
@Dami I thought it was a 6-7 on a scale of 1-10..Only 25 questions and I was so unsure about at least 3-4 of them. Nice...

Thanks! yeah my test was pretty much red means stop blah blah blah I got a 100 and that's the last test I ever got a 100 on

It's really motivating to work out in front of a mirror, amirite?

Oops I meant agree cuz u see all ur nonsense and you're like die nonsense!! dieee flab DIEEEE Chicken legs!