If Trump is innocent why is he so afraid of any probe. Also why does he blatantly dodge questions about Putin. Also why is he sweating so much. Why is he acting like he's hiding something.
@Budwick I asked because so many Trump haters ask questions like you did. "Why is he so afraid of any probe?" "Why does he...

"Most transparent president ever"? "Working 24/7" Weekend trips nearly every weekend to Mar-a-lago to golf, and a daily tweet storm is what you consider working? And where is this tranparency you claim? Still haven't seen about the taxes he promised to release, he dodges questions all the time from reporters.
Gotta say Bud, that is one of the dumbest responses you have ever posted.

If Trump is innocent why is he so afraid of any probe. Also why does he blatantly dodge questions about Putin. Also why is he sweating so much. Why is he acting like he's hiding something.

If he doesn't have something to hide, he certainly has an odd way showing it. His constant disparaging of the Mueller investigation, obviously, and not keeping his "promise" to release his tax returns.

I miss emo :(

I still look a bit emo tbh.

(NON POLITICAL) The Average American can today can live like the wealthy high rollers of 100 years ago.

You really like steam locomotives

Where's the Moral outrage over Trump and the pornstars? This is worse than what Clinton did and all the nutty evangelicals are doing now is going la la la nothing to see here. It is so frustrating to see such BLATANT hypocrisy just hang there and not be smacked down. What say you Christians? If you can even call yourself that anymore after supporting Trump

I'm Christian Janet, and I agree 100% with what you are saying. I am so disgusted with fellow Christians who have turned a blind eye against this terrible president. Everything he has done is against what we as Christians believe. His adulterous affairs, cheating on all his wives, his constant lying, his stealing money for his own benefit. And then we hear his supporters trying to change the subject....bringing up past presidents. No matter what other presidents have done it doesn't make it right.

Plus, Trump is the most racist person on this planet....just look how obsessed he is with Obama. Trying to undo everything Obama has done, only because he's black. And how idiotic was the birther movement spurred on my Trump. Ridiculous

And no liberal was in agreement with what Clinton did. Plus, he paid a heavy price for his actions....IMPEACHMENT. Hopefully that's what will happen to Trump....IMPEACHMENT.....

Another "swamp" critter indicted for campaign fund abuse. Even stealing from the Wounded Warriors.... they have no shame. Wow....how many more of Trump supporters will go down in disgrace.
@TomboyJanet It's amazing what his followers will let him and his pirate crew get away with because they want some of the loot

Exactly. They are afraid they will lose their seats in the upcoming midterms or they know he will tweet about them. Trump is such a bully and the Republican Congress is letting him get away with it. They used to be patriotic and bragged how much they loved our country, but they sure aren't showing it now. They know Putin has Trump in his pocket, yet they refuse to do anything about it. Hypocrites.

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Should Journalists be locked up for saying negative things about Trump?

When that happens, America will have lost it's freedom, and we will be living under a dictatorship. Trump can't stand to hear the truth, that's why he attacks the press, the FBI, CIA, and even his AG....Jeff Sessions. And yet there are still some supporters who believe his lies....shameful.

Wake up America before it's too late. IMPEACH!

The Whole World Will Miss You, John McCain

I heard that this morning. I have often disagreed with John McCain's stances, but have always admired his what seems to be to me..a personal integrity he abides by. Sad news for sure, dru.

The Whole World Will Miss You, John McCain

All the OP has done has said that she is not going to be run off by people trolling her? Do you consider that shit stirring?

@TomboyJanet HAHAHAA!! It is quite fun to play with them It used to bug me but now It's hilarious how hard they try. The...

Taskforce antitroll :)

Yeah, I really enjoy a decent troll, it seems they just have no imagination anymore.