@Lexii The only problem is, what if they come back here?

They will be too busy getting thrown out of walmart

MyFavvkesProblems: Ran out of cat pictures

Joseph Kony. Unable to capture him yet are able to take a perfect HD photo of him, amirite?

Waldo, meet your competition

In Harry Potter, if Voldemort had made his horcruxes like a grain of sand or a blade of grass, he would have truly been invincible, because there would be no way of knowing what to look for, amirite?

Make a Nokia phone a horcrux. That shit can't be destroyed

We could all use some fairly oddparents. amirite?

What if we DID have fairy godparents and our memories were just erased
hmm smilie

You find it rude and inconsiderate that your grandchildren haven't time-traveled to come and visit you, amirite?

Maybe you didn't have grandchildren. Maybe you died alone with 30 cats and those cats have time traveled back, only for you to overlook them when you pass by them on the street

The key to life is realizing it’s not locked. amirite?
There are too many users with Voldemort in their username, amirite?

Bitch please

I don't see what's so funny about blind people jokes, amirite?

One-Armed Man Applauds the Kindness of the Community

Abbreviations make everything cool, amirite?

( Your argument is invalid. This abbreviation does not make this sentence look cool at all)

You don't have time to make a salad, amirite?


@MrRite Dear god. You'd be able to know who the next president was long before anyone else, bet and win loads of cash on...

or you could see the post of the days before they are the post of the days and steal them and post them as your own. That is real power

All validity of a serious statement is automatically made void when a smiley face is added, amirite?

America needs to do something about the national debt :)
Seems Legit.

Everything is always better when titties are involved. amirite?

(.Y.) Your cat died (.Y.)
Seems Legit

You're getting tired of reading about SOPA, amirite?

(Comment deleted by SOPA)