It's interesting pussy is associated with weakness and balls with strength but in reality it is the other way around. amirite?
Kids growing up will never experience fighting with their siblings, too answer the "house" phone first. amirite?

And they will never know what it's like calling a girls house and having the dad answer

Sex is a sport. You work to be good at it, you win by outlasting your opponent and you gotta be very lucky to get signed by pros. amirite?
@dankXD No, girls just need daddy issues to get signed.

Not all girls with daddy issues are pros tho. Them bitches is just college league

If you masturbate fast enough, your penis won't get older. amirite?

wait what? Could you elaborate?

Even if we were all the same race, humans would still find reasons to hate each other based on superficial factors. amirite?
Most of us would probably be dead or feel weird if we could smell the ambients in the games we play. amirite?

Rotten Vale-Monster Hunter World

It has been statistically proven that living increases you lifespan. amirite?
A draw bridge is shut when it is open and open when it is shut. amirite?

It's opened and shut at the same time. Depending if you are in the car or on the ship

Passengers napping while you're driving is a huge compliment. Like, they trust you enough to believe that they can sleep and will wake up alive later, as you're maneuvering a fast hunk of steel amongst other fast hunks of steel. amirite?

Compared to waking up dead. Cuz that would suck

Ordering Christmas presents from Amazon. We get something in a box, and then take that thing out of the box so that we can put it into another box for someone else to take it out of the box. amirite?

Or have amazon pack it for you

Jaws ruined sharks reputations so much we have to have a whole week dedicated to reminding people they're actually mostly chill and just trying to live their life. amirite?

Same with Snatch and Irish Travellers.

Stepsisters are much 'nicer' in porn than in fairytales, amirite?

He speaks the truth

Some people masturbate more than they brush their teeth. amirite?

And some people masterbate while brushing their teeth.

It has never been more appropriate for strip clubs to try outdoor dining, amirite?

Do strip clubs have indoor dining? "Yes, table for four, but can you put us away from the stage please? Last time we got sprayed while eating our main course "

Microscopes are not microscopic in size, amirite?

Exactly, they give you scope to the microscopic level