I think it's kind of dumb for teachers to pick the classes for you to take next year. I mean, only YOU truly know your abilities and real strengths. Plus, the teachers don't know what you're completely capable of. It should be up to the student to decide what classes he/ she is going to take, amirite?

Where I'm from, the teachers decide what level of classes we take for the next year. If we have an A for all four quarters of the class, then we get to move up to Honors. For AP classes, we only get accepted if we have a high enough SAT score and writing or comprehension score. A student CAN be successful in an AP class, but can have suck-ish SAT scores. Every test score doesn't directly reflect their intelligence. That's all I'm saying.

Picking your nose in public is okay as long as nobody is watching, amirite?

But the security cameras are watching. Plus, you NEVER know who else is watching

Being brave doesn't mean being fearless. It means facing your fears, amirite?

Yeah but you need to be fearless when you face your fears

"Blemish" sounds way less gross than "pimple", amirite?
@drhannah I like to call them puss bubbles

I'm going to try to erase what you just said from my memory and hope I will never think of "puss bubbles" again

You feel kind of awesome when you make a comment in class and then students around you go "yeah, me too", amirite?

Hahaha! That's funny!

Don't try to jailbreak your Iphone or Ipod touch, amirite?

You're right. I tried jailbreaking mine and all it did was screw it up.

When you run out of toilet paper while you're on the commode, you just sort of sit there and feel pathetic, amirite?

current generation what's a commode?

Nutella is utterly disgusting, amirite?

You are fucking crazy to say that Nutella is utterly disgusting.

It tastes horrible when you first mistake Tonic Water for regular water cause it was in a bottle used for a brand of water, amirite?
@Alecsl Whats tonic water?

It's carbonated water. It. tastes. horrible!!

As a kid we all wished our toys could talk, amirite?

My toys DID talk as a kid

The most beautiful and attractive thing about a girl should be what's directly between her ears, and not her arms. amirite?

Directly between her ears... Her nose?

You know what's beautiful? Read the first word again. amirite?

ahhh when I read this I was like "awwww :)" it also genuinely made me smile, so thank you!

we all secretly want to be blond. amirite?
When you have a dream about someone it doesn't mean they want something from you, it means you want something from them, amirite?

whoa that would be cool!!

When you have a dream about someone it doesn't mean they want something from you, it means you want something from them, amirite?
@middleseis This is from pretty little liars!!

yeah!! :) it really made me think and I was like "wow, now that I think about it, it's so true!"