If the 7 billion people on earth were compared to stars only .0001 would be intelligent, amirite?

Sounded better in my head

Coincidences seem downright freaky and impossible sometimes until you realize that you're one person out of well over 7 billion, and that statistically, they probably weren't all too unlikely with that in mind. amirite?

If the 7 billon people on earth were compared to stars only .0001 would be intelligent.. Im gonna re post this

You know things are bad in the NFL when you have Baker Mayfield doing damage control. amirite?
Why are cops shooting dogs ...we call people who hurt animals psychopaths when i took psychology, amirite?
Venice is flooding...if it was caused by climate change everywhere else would flood as well, amirite?
@Thinkerbell Only other places as close to sea level as Venice. I don't think Denver is in much imminent danger of ocean flooding.

Extra melt water may swell rivers...but obviously i was talking about the coast..but we do have a unusually scary high tide here right now...so i might be wrong

The term "big boned" is used to described overweight people, but never tall people. amirite?

And dinosaurs

People willingly let men in strange clothes pump diseases into their beautiful babies with needles. amirite?

Read some fucking history books on medicine and see that they only learn through failure

Is the GOP serious about the constitution and Democracy? amirite?

If you touch the constitution you should be shot.....with .....wait for it... immunization

Why are cops shooting dogs ...we call people who hurt animals psychopaths when i took psychology, amirite?
Why are we only looking into impeaching the president when there are thousands of corrupt politicians, amirite?
@you really need to ask this? he's only holds the highest ranking position in our country and needs to go.

There will still be the real criminals in office when he is done in 2024..these are the people we need to go after

Dinosaurs are an advanced race that has technology far more advanced ours because they have been living here for millions of years, considering the technology we developed in about 2000 years in comparison to theirs, amirite?
You will never hear a prude say the words pussy, cock and ass when talking about animals, amirite?

All cats are lesbians
All chickens are gay
All donkeys do it in the ass

Don't know why the public distrusts us." - cops, amirite?
Im really fucking tired orcar companies not being responsible for deaths in cars...if it was an amusment ride people would be held accountable...these car companies make cars that go faster the state regulated speed limits ..why do we let them get away with this....speed deaths surpass inpared driving and could be avoided by a speed restricter ...however this would hurt sales...fuck off automobile makers you are the leading killer of young people and its up to us to prove tbey are responsible, amirite?
@hawaiian Jeez calm down . and some dont limit speed because some places have pretty high speed limits and some people use...

Ive argued wasteful shit alot...i feel like i can save people with this one...i regret saying "shut up" i like hearing your thoughts

First organism that evolved into something considered human being, had to have sex with an animal, amirite?