She was cursed to have such a pretty smile in a sad world, amirite?
America is no exception to the misuse of party system in a democracy. Trump who was impeached in the house of representatives has been acquitted in the senate. Does that mean that the house of representatives made a mistake? Is it not an irony that truth varies according to the party. This is the tragedy of party system created by the so called democratic concept. As long as party system exists there is no escape from such serious crimes seemingly innocuous. In fact the multi-party system has come as a death blow to truth and honesty. What nonsense is this party system and elections that cannot establish truth? Let us not live in a fool's paradise for ever, amirite?

The problem is everyone knows the system is corrupt but someone must be held accountable so now we must play this finger pointing game till the fucks reponsible die out naturally...we need total transparency and a fresh my opinion participating in such a wasteful and useless goverment should be charged as conspiracy to fraud and EVERY goverment employ should be forced to resign and reapply for their position

Self checkouts are a magical place where the employees watch the customers work. amirite?

Is this a yellow onion or a sweet onion

Record high temperatures do not facter in the Jurassic period or before, amirite?
@Timeprofessional Yes that's why it's called record high. It's the highest since we've been able to record to the temperature.

Ahh...good point but we can record temp through fossils....snow melting is a record of melting ice

All living organisms have an undefined KDR (kill death rate). amirite?

No...very easy math

The more you like golf, the more you will practice...but the more you practice you will golf less and less each time you play. amirite?

We strive to play the least golf then any competitor

Just like those monkeys randomly typing out Shakespeare a wave could have carved out the Sphinx, amirite?
@Uh, no

Explain your understanding of infinite possibility

The harder you hit someone normally, the more severe your punishment. The harder you hit someone in a fighting ring, the greater your rewards. amirite?

People with big mucles are unjustly punished because the same offence does more damage

We all have experienced that moment where we suddenly think we're back at home when we're traveling, or living somewhere other than home. We go to reach for something familiar, but realize halfway through that we're not in the location we think we're in, and just blank out for a second. Strange. amirite?

Ive done it at the identical gas station across town...i walked out the door and bang your not where u think u are

Oil is solar power too, amirite?

Lets try to use all the oil out this bitch.... considering those science bitches miscalculated running out of oil in the 70's... I believe mother earth replenishes her crude oil deposits by the decomposition of her failed children

Girls with fake nails must really struggle wiping their ass, amirite?

Or any manual labor


His self esteem makes me proud...but it makes sense that we (US) try to be the best

A lot of people use their penis as a unit of measure, amirite?
There is a peaceful solution to this plage of human filth, where humans become so removed from child bearing that no more people are born simply from lack of desire... And we are left with a reverse adam and eve or whatever possible denomination of birth refusers, amirite?
There is one organization that tells you that you're guilty of something and you're required to give them money to keep telling you that you're guilty of something. amirite?

Car insurance