If one fact is wrong...or changes , then all facts are suspect. And should not be a forced truth

But when we are coping with the misery , deterioration, and death that life is, wouldn't it be fair to allow people to live in these fantasies. Of course forcing any ideology is wrong ( even if it's the 'most correct'). Facts don't change...science does. We don't know all the facts yet.... ...so when you say teach knowledge, you mistakenly are teaching an ideology of science, and not the truth of fact. This all causes more confusion and misery, which draws people towards the warm blanket of fictious religious, or half completed sciences.

If you pull the teeth out of zombies you could technically get free blowjobs for life. amirite?

First world post apocalypse problems

lol looks like a drowning stick figure, amirite?
What's the use for Civic Education in secondary school when there's already Government, amirite?

We constantly change the government molding it to the majorities desires, they need to teach more .

Guys who have extramarital affairs would benefit the most from vasectomies, but are probably the least likely to get them, amirite?

Seems like it would benifit their wives and girlfriends more.

It makes me want to defund the Supreme Court for being wrong on their rulings for the last 50 years.

We have been resisting the the influence of the east since our countries conception, why would we stop now?

Putins boner is wet noodles

Anti-racism should focus on solutions to end systemic racism, in lieu of policing words, amirite?
@vegan Thank you, I first thought this way about a week ago when I read a bunch of John McWhorter's articles . This is a...

I think the majority of people have it figured out... so talking about it might be better then ,drastic action. What good can come from defunding the police?talk is good, it can be productive, even hateful talk. But we must analyze before we choose a solution... humans have this weakness of concluding that the reason for resistance is the obvious differences between those involved... crime without race differences or sex orientation is simply called crime. It doesn't matter why something happened , only what happened... you ( and all of us ) get hung up on minor details , we worry about capital letters, we worry about what an illegal drug is. We want to find a simple solution to the world's problems. But it's not as simple as getting bigots fired, or arrested. ..the younger generations can't imagine how sad the millennials are to read articles claiming that hatred is at an all time high, when they know its not. They have lived thru and championed the equality movement. And it's heart breaking for them to see the educated youth act like progress hasn't been made.

Anti-racism should focus on solutions to end systemic racism, in lieu of policing words, amirite?
@Toounknown Whoa...

A perfectly articulated narrative... I love how you show sources , ...I will have more to say when my mood changes but right now , all I can ask , when did you first feel this way??

Anti-racism should focus on solutions to end systemic racism, in lieu of policing words, amirite?

Maybe old man Biden likes putin more then trump did... I'm no Trumper, but man....I wish we could see what would have happened with Trump in charge

It's just nice that someone cares enough

if a computer overheats, it freezes, amirite?

I burn plenty of money on connection...they still freeze