Evolution is nature's automatic update. amirite?

More like killing off the unuseful, a terrible thing
this so called evolution... fortunately I still do not see any proof of human evolution

I can't wait for a gamer to win

A vaccine must be 100% effective to mandate it as a required drug, amirite?
@vegan Vaccines are safe, post infection immunity does not last as long as vaccine immunity. "More than a third of...

Honestly, thank you for your attempts to educate me, I don't mean to insult you personally, we are more then just our opinions. I know vaxx are safe, I know people have been saved by them. ....I think I have gotten stuck arguing that they are harmful, and that's NOT the point I'm trying to make( everyone knows I'm bad at making a point) ..I just though that people would understand this as an attack on personal freedoms. What you see as a something necessary, I see as an option. People like me get sidetracked just like I did on this thread, because as I'm weighing out my possible options , someone says I must do it. .. then I lose my train of thought, I think this person must not care about me if they won't even let me decide..I lose track of what was the question in the first place... that's exactly why we are on this narrative...you think I don't want the shot because I'm ignorant to science, and I'll never win that arguement, I'm just saying that nothing, not even a maricle drug that's 100% safe, should ever be mandated. I lose the argument because it seems I'm against science, but I'm against the legislation that thinks science beats justice, and freedom of choice

A vaccine must be 100% effective to mandate it as a required drug, amirite?
@vegan Getting sick is not healthy. Many viruses have lingering effects. For example measles erases immune memory. Long...

By well rounded I mean...you are less healthy if you avoid natural immune defenses and constantly choose chemicals or what ever they are putting you.... plus all this hesitation is due to people knowing what their rights are, and people " vaxxers" constantly telling them otherwise... you can't make people do it!!! Putting the cost/value statistics makes you look like a robot...and not the free individual who by law is allowed to make decisions for them self

Your marriage is a joke when your marriage can't take a joke. amirite?
A vaccine must be 100% effective to mandate it as a required drug, amirite?
@vegan Vaccines do not need to be 100% effective, that is impossible expectations. A vaccine that is even 40% effective...

Getting sick is healty!!! Do you want to be a rounded human being who occasionally gets sick and has to miss work, lowering your nation's benifit- cost ratio ( ) . Or do you what pharmacies to test chemical alternatives on you, just to ' maintain benifit- cost ratio'. .. getting sick two times a year is wayyyy cheaper then the shut down!!!!

Stupidity does hurt - just not the stupid ones, amirite?
@Toounknown Smart people bitch about nothing

Always about what could happen...not about what did happen

Stupidity does hurt - just not the stupid ones, amirite?

Smart people bitch about nothing

Ban gas powered leaf blowers, amirite?
@vegan I think we should ban gas powered leaf blowers, we should be using electric instead. They are bad for the...

I said this on this site years ago and I'm glad we agree.. but I just thought it was loud and annoying. They do have electric blowers. But companies complained that an electric one does NOT wake people up at 7 am, so they don't use them

All fiction is propaganda. even if the author doesn't intend a moral, their values inevitably show through. amirite?

Are you russian???

The most discriminated people, are homeless people, amirite?
@BennyPendentes What do you mean they choose? They had houses and gave up on them, or refuse to go home?

I think they start out by being taken advantage of. They give up because of the cruelness of reality. Life isn't fair, so why try. No matter how hard they work. They will never drive the Lamborghinis that pass by, they will never afford the apartments they walk past. ..And one bad experience of dealing with an over privileged , rich person who inherented their wealth is enough to send them into an irreversible metal break down. Why would they try? They would be dead if they didn't try. They have already tried and failed.... Psychologically it's less depressing to NOT try. They are content with nothing because your expectations cause them pain.

A woman couldbe holding a dead fish and I'd find it sexy

My goal is to offened some people, you must be harsh for some people to realize the truth

Cost for everything is rising - thanks to Biden and the dems. Now, congress has voted themselves a nice 21% pay raise. And they wonder why Americans are so mad. amirite?

These fuckers are clueless, we vote them in to raise our wages, they are dumb for stopping at 21 % . What are they doing, what is thier actual job, and do we need them, when anytime a nuclear bully can take your livelihood