If the 7 billion people on earth were compared to stars only .0001 would be intelligent, amirite?

Sounded better in my head

How else do u get people to stop illegally polluting? Just expect the criminals to follow the rules...you need to understand pollution is bad

Two opinions can be correct, amirite?
Birth is a curse, and existence is a prison. amirite?

The victim hood of existence... I think we are more active in choosing our lives then you think... You just cant remember being that one sperm to win the lottery and not be wasted like the others... The sperm abd egg combination that is you was caused by YOUR sperm penitrating YOUR egg... So weather you know it or not you chose your own existence

You didn't know there have been over 200 wildcat strikes in the US since March 1st. amirite?
There is no English vocab for grown kids of parents, amirite?

Maybe your always thier kid

Face it your not smart enough to understand justice

Since women are born with all of the eggs they'll ever have, and your mom contributes half your DNA, half of you is actually actually as old as your mom. amirite?

Is that true... I thought its new every month

You wont touch a touchscreen with out sanitizer but youll put your butt right down on a toilet, amirite?
It's ethical to be in a relationship with your sibling as long as it's consensual. amirite?
Relativity is bullshit... Two men have watches , one is in space , one is on earth... The thought is that time moves differently for these two men and that the man in space is going tru time faster because his watch has moved faster due to less gravity.. I ask... There is only one TIME.. Right? So time cant move differently..once th e space man gets back he would have to reset his watch to match everyone else,.they say his family would be long gone but i say he would die the same time as his family, he wont live longer, he would experience time just the same as his family,at the same time, amirite?

Pretty sure its still a theory... And one i disagree with...there is only one NOW, regardless of what your watch says

Its incorrect to correct someone's grammer...because of slang and accents , you are in no place to tell somebody how to express themselves....you see ,the words of the english laguage are to be used HOWEVER you feel ... Grammer only exsists in a forth grade classroom ...in the real world there are no rules to speech or word crafting, amirite?
@Toounknown But to what end...to inlighten me???? Im just trying to communicate...ive said this 1000 times...if i write...

English is a bad example because how lazy the makers of those rules are... The word SET has over 600 meanings...thats just fucking laziness

Any business who claims they have a labor shortage is just admitting that they don't compensate their employees justly, and these businesses should be boycott. amirite?

I've never had one fail either

A vaccine must be 100% effective to mandate it as a required drug, amirite?
@beachbum And make the drug maker liable.

Liable... Pharmaceutical companies dont know what that word means...nor the FDA