If the 7 billion people on earth were compared to stars only .0001 would be intelligent, amirite?

Sounded better in my head

How else do u get people to stop illegally polluting? Just expect the criminals to follow the rules...you need to understand pollution is bad

Two opinions can be correct, amirite?
@Toounknown I just think laws in general only stop law abiding people

If people are getting victimized they deserve justice, but its not the governments call if u ask me

Bro this is a love test...you control if shes preggo

My service is fine , why are they pushing 5g, amirite?
The machine that fixes climate change is gonna be some sort of factory that pumps "clean" cemicals in the air, amirite?
@Anonymousmouse and that fix will cause actual problems

At best it will do nothing...but wait , its coming soon . " scientists" will eventually sell a fix.

If you got a lung transplant from someone with CoronaVirus, you would probably get sick, amirite?

Whoa... They might take your brain

You technically are born at a very young age because it took months for you to develop, amirite?
@Kionix Born = existing as a result of birth So no, because you can't be born until you are extruded/extracted from your mom

Thank you...hey everybody , its Mr. webster himself....i cant believe you have time to answer everyones definition questions...btw i love your dictionary, you sir are an authority on words and YOUR science is flawless!!!

New Zealand needs to stop, amirite?
Kids who buy Toy Story toys are probably so disappointed with them that they blow them up with firecrackers, amirite?
Two anonymous arguing really lets you focus on the topic, amirite?
@What does anonymous have to do with it?

You dont judge them on their name or profile

Hitler didn;t make laws saying he was going to screw over Germans, he made them seem appealing, amirite?

Yeah something felt premature when i read the last chapter of Rise and Fall

Just like those monkeys randomly typing out Shakespeare a wave could have carved out the Sphinx, amirite?
@asks the child

Oh boy, where to begin...this to me may also be a post about inspiration and where it comes from...these outbursts of thoughts that we feel nessasary to share with the world as if everyone hasn't already thought these thoughts before you ... I really believe thinking is simultaneous where we all have the same thing going through our minds at the same time from a different perspective, just that someone is quiker to state an obvious observation... Monkeys typeing Shakespeare?? Well ...he is a well evolved monkey and even i have tried to write like Shakespeare before so yes eventually we will get shakespeare written out for our enjoyment, but how small is your imagination that you cannot see that there is a chance in millions of years of waves crashing over and washing down rocks that something familiar to a lion with a human head might be created accidentally...if you ask me the Sphinx basically just looks like a mound of sand