its ok that my stepdad and i are going out. my mother is jealous, just because her and my stepdad are married and she thinks its wrong. (im 17, my stepdad is 46, please help me prove to my mom that im right) there's nothing wrong with it, we're in love! amirite?

if you're a troll, i'm disgusted.
if you're not a troll, i'm disgusted.

You hate those music artist who think they need to put their name in the lyrics of every single one of their songs, amirite?



I would just like to say that just because most minorities have been through a lot doesn't mean white people haven't been through a lot, too. Everyone has problems, and you don't have the right to say that you know what anyone has gone through. No one does.

Regular News: President Obama saves Earth from giant meteor. Fox News: President Obama steals jobs from superheroes. amirite?
@You're a joke

@458882 (Different Anonymous): Fox news is a joke.

It's funny when an Atheist says "Oh my God!", amirite?

its even funnier when jewish people say, "oh, jesus!"

Bears: you hate it when your mom checks to see if you left pieces of toilet paper behind after wiping, amirite?

and then they judge the toilet paper scraps on your bum. its a recession, okay? cheap shit is the only way to go.

The only thing as annoying as a pokemon hurting itself in confusion, is a pokemon being "immobilized by love", amirite?

o. m. f. g. i will go capulet and montague on their asses and forbid this shit.
sorry, my anger gets the best of me when my pokemon don't perform.

I hate posts that begin with "admit it," it just feels like they're pouncing on me with accusations, amirite?
@Haha yeah! Like "I was gunna admit it anyway..."

exactly, clearly by agreeing with you, i'm admitting, don't pressure me.

When catching your parents having sex say "Ima let you finish, but the sex you had to make me was the best of all time. Of all time!", amirite?
@epix I think this is priceless.

I agree, I know that this post isn't doing so well. But I think its pretty freakin' funny.

"And then God made the heavens and the Earth, and all the creatures on it." Except wasps. The Devil made those fuckers. amirite?

and earwigs, hell no. i know that those came from hell.

So, I went on myspace the other day, how embarrassing. Amirite?
@ivan_fourtwenty haha i know i still have my account and i feel weird going on too its a facebook wannabe now, not only that but...

oino, and i had like, five hundred friends and i went and checked online friends... two. like what the hell? ghettoooo.

Theres always one lunch your school has that you look foreward to, amirite?


when you were younger you could spend hours popping bubble wrap, amirite?
@Crazy_Wombat I STILL can...

@257929 (Crazy_Wombat): i was just about to say the exact things. bubble wrap ALL DAY.

What's the point in having a boyfriend or girlfriend if you don't really truly care about them? am I right?

i wish you woulda spelt amirite right.

I tried to put Kanye's new song on my iPod but I guess 30 GB isn't enough room for his ego. amirite?