Sometimes you just have hatred towards everyoone and everything, amirite?

I would love to have your babies

I just realized amirite= am I right? sad huh? amirite?

Yeah that's pretty sad...

you think it's unfair that it's legal for guys to walk around outside without a shirt but not girls, amirite?

Yeah dude! It gets fucking hot!

Women shouldn't complain about guys leaving the toilet seat up. Give us a break. We already have to go through the total hell of putting it up in the first place. amirite?
When your mom cancels your World of Warcraft account you just want to strip down to your underwear, shove a remote control up your ass, and beat your head with a shoe, amirite?
Having a bad day? Bake some brownies. Bam. Problem solved. amirite?
At first thought, 11111 seems like it should be a multiple of 11, but it isn't once you do the math, amirite?
Black people don't go bald. amirite?

I know you're a troll and all, but this post is fucking stupid.

Anamals r such elecant cretures and r so cool too play with. amirite?

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha no.

You don't actually take turns saying what you're thankful for on thanksgiving like they do on tv, amirite?

We do. It's kinda the point of the whole holiday...

Mexican food is the best, amirite?

Everything but :b

It's obvious who true friends are, if their at there house or a vacation true friend still leave a comment on your status on website or call you or even text you a simple text...those are friends. And it'll always be hard to find that 1 true friend. amirite?

Tell me about it...

If you really wanted something, and you kept wishing for it but it never came true, you could bake a cake that looks like and is shaped like a coin, then you could take that cake to a wishing well, blow out the candles on it, drop it in at PRECISELY 11:11, and bet your ass that the wish would come true the next day, amirite?

I love this post!

When you go out for a random night, and end up meeting someone amazing, it's an awesome feeling. Both of you enjoy the time you have together for those fleeting few hours, then it ends, and you never see that person again. It's bittersweet, because you never get to find out what could have happened, but you have that perfect memory to hold onto forever. amirite?

Get their number?

You know that little guy on the mens' washroom door and the girl with the skirt on the womens' washroom door.have you ever wondered what do they use in Scotland? You know with the kilts and all. amirite?