One day there will be something even more extreme than vegan and they will shame everyone even vegans and be even more annoying. amirite?
The first company to project ads across the moon is going to get ultra rich. amirite?
Only the mantis shrimp, with it's 16 photoreceptors, can see a person's true colors. amirite?

Yeah I watched that David Attenborough show last night on Netflix as well lol

It's a lot harder to count backwards from Z to A than it is to count backwards from 26 to 1, amirite?

Probably because we spend a lot of time counting up and down through the digits around 0-30 for daily activities such as measuring and counting change or playing around as children, hide and go seek etc. Count down from 10 to launch the toy rocket etc. I've never practiced my abcs backwards in my life. I'm sure it would be easy to though if it was a more common occurrence.

Schrodinger's cat is definitely dead because he put it in that box in 1935. amirite?
There is one reliable distinction between smart people and stupid people, amirite?
@Hatchadi Believing that every govt in the world actually collectively decided to do this to humanity and convinced every...

What!?! This has become a pandemic of the unvaccinated, they are overwhelming healthcare facilities, resulting in loss of care for other serious conditions and even causing the virus to mutate and become more super scary. When someone's ignorance results in innocent lives lost, there is no choice. Everyone must be vaccinated.

I think that's what we're supposed to say

Blowjobs must be a tense affair in Cannibalistic societies. amirite?

Haha it's funny because you have to get pleasure from the same part that can give you pain!

Schrodinger's cat is definitely dead because he put it in that box in 1935. amirite?
@freq432 actually the average cat lives 13-17 years meaning that if you assume the cat has 9 lives Schrödinger's cat could...

That's a stretch. The 9 lives thing is around how many times they escape death in their lifetimes, not a multiplication of the average age of a cat.

Tarzan would've been a much darker movie if he'd been found by Chimps. amirite?
Mankind will become extinct not from lack of food or water but lack of empathy. amirite?

Universe 25 bro google it

It's easier to eat zero cookies than to eat one cookie, amirite?

SLPT: Want to start a diet but you can't resist temptation? Just quit everything that earns you money, so you can't afford food.

There is no reason why the alphabet has to be in that order, amirite?

Just like there's no reason for you to exist.

Writing a diary is considered sane and respectable but talking to yourself is considered crazy and bizarre. amirite?

It depends on how you talk to yourself. If you are having a coherent dialogue as if you were talking to another person it's weird. Just thinking out loud isn't weird.

You can water water, but you cannot burn fire. amirite?

that's because water is a thing and fire is a reaction so u can add a thing to a thing but u can't cause a reaction on a reaction ... i think

Ross has way too expensive a wardrobe for being a Paleontologist. amirite?

And there's no way Monica and Rachel could have afforded their enormous apartment, especially at the beginning when Rachel was a waitress and Monica was unemployed