Anyone who types the word "your" when meaning 'you are' (you're) whilst trying to win an argument about grammar loses then and there, amirite?
kanye West is still better than Taylor Swift, amirite?

Are you actually joking?
He doesn't sing, he just talks (or, ahem sorry, "raps").
He's rude and arrogant, and has some kind of psycho god complex going on.

Grammar nazi's are annoying, amirite?

Leave us alone. :(
We just have a healthy respect for the English language.
Anyway, grammar "nazi" is a bit of a harsh term, it's not as if we're killing people!

It's unfortunate that when I went to the US, some people have never heard of Canada, amirite?

I can remember my nan telling me once that some people in England had never heard of Wales... thats even less believable :/
Sorry, that was slightly off topic...

People should figure out that "realize" is spelled with a 'z' not a 's', amirite?

Grr damn americans! shakes fist
It was our language first. :P
Don't steal it & then tell us we're spelling our own words wrong.

Well yeah, at some point in their lives.

My best friend just got back from a Nick Jonas concert. It's normal to feel pity instead of jealousy, amirite?

I wouldn't so much pity your friend, more like wory about their mental health :S

People on here like Harry Potter and hate Twilight, amirite?
@HettyPotter No need to be! Both series are great in their own way, I don't see why you can't enjoy them both. _^

Exactly :D
I didn't like the Twilight film much, but meh. The books are great :)
And Harry Potters sort-of a classic (or a modern classic, maybe). You can't NOT like it.

Surgery rocked. But my bedroom, that's where I really operate. amirite?

ahem sorry. Got a bit excited :S

Opera is really just screechy, far too high pitched shrieking that we often can't understand anyway because it is in a foreign language, or may as well be, am I right?
@Sorbus The Phantom of the Opera disagrees.

Oh noooo!
...wait, I don't care :)

Actually, I don't mind The Phantom of the Opera that much, it's the annoying singers with smug smiles who just look ridiculous (i.e. Katherine Jenkins) who really bother me.

It's unfortunate that when I went to the US, some people have never heard of Canada, amirite?
@paperairplane What's Wales?

Have you actually never heard of Wales???

Arghh, it sucks when you have a stack of CDs waiting to go on your iPod, but your disk drive is misbehaving :/ amirite?
The fact that all real Harry Potter-Fans have read the Harry Potter-Books while most huge Twilight-Fans don't even seem to know there are Twilight-Books reveals a lot about them, amirite?

It would... if that were true.

Its a fucking joke that Jedward are higher than Marina & Diamonds in the iTunes chart, amirite?

THANK YOU singular person who agreed with me :L

Monday is so far away from Friday, and Friday is so bloody close to Monday, amirite?

Facebook group.